1978 Oldsmobile 98 LS 350 V8 from North America


The best Oldsmobile ever!!


Since March of 2000 when I got the car, the brakes twice, one new master cylinder and pads, then the brake line.

No heat or AC, no horn.

Choke holds broke.

All are fixed now.

General Comments:

My uncle owned the car before he gave it to me for free. When I used to see it, I would make fun of it and say what a piece of junk it was. Then my uncle got a Cadillac Fleetwood and said I could have it.

From the minute I got into the driver's seat I was in love. The seats are so comfortable, the gas pedel is so huge, which is nice since I'm tall and have a size 13 foot. It has power windows and power driver's mirror and power front bench seat.

I have an AM/FM radio, I plan on installing a new system in it soon. I'm also planning on restoring it, I took two years of auto body training and can do most of the work myself.

I just refer to the car to friends, family and people on the street, as THE BOAT. It's brown with a light yellow top. I love THE BOAT and plan on keeping it as my car for years to come. I'm 18, most kids my age love Civics, Accords, Integras, etc... I love good 'ol fashioned American V8 machines from the past.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2000

1978 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Sedan 403 V8 from North America


Poor man's Cadillac, rich man's Chevy


Water pump, power steering pump, radiator, tie rod ends and shocks.

General Comments:

When I turned 16, this was my grandpa's birthday present for me. I thought it was a monster when I first saw it, but after a couple weeks of driving I fell in love with it. Since it had sat for nearly three years prior, and is 4 years older than me, I figured the car had a right to be a bit troublesome and touchy at first.

After a rough start, it's been 100% trouble free for the past year and a half.

Being only 5'7", I can barely see the end of the hood from the seat.

The styling is timeless, and it has character, unlike the look-alike new cars of today. It has beatiful Dark Carmine red paint, chrome trim, and wire wheel covers. I can easily pick it out in a crowded parking lot, the front and rear extend a good 2 feet past the modern "full-size" car.

The engine has got some serious balls, and also drinks some serious gas, like a pig I might add.

3 months after I got it, me and my friends road-tripped to the Harley-Davidson Rally in Sturgis, SD. My friends used to always make fun of it, but they realized you can't beat a big old hunk of Detroit Iron for comfort on long road trips. The car used only a half-quart of oil between Sault Ste. Marie and Sturgis, and averaged about 19 MPG at around 75 MPH. The local drivers of wimpy stock 80's Firebirds, Camaros and Stangs crap their britches when they see me coming, knowing my car will eat theirs alive at the stoplight anyday.

It's quieter than most modern 4-cylinders or 6's, but will rip up the blacktop on demand.

ALL the original electronics work, meaning power seats (on both front seats), power locks, power antenna and power trunk release. The original GM Delco cassette player had to go though, I bought a new kick ass system, which includes two 12"'s in the trunk. And there's still room for 3 or 4 people's luggage.

I feel comfortable knowing my car won't disintegrate in a collision, as proven by the driver of a brand-new '00 Honda Civic, who decided to run a stop sign. I broadsided him, plowing him into a guardrail as my car finally skidded to a stop. I was horrified and thought it was the end for my baby, but when I got out, the damage wasn't too bad considering I was doing about 40 when I smacked him. The Civic was a pile of plastic and rubble, but the Olds suffered only a bent bumper, crumpled right front fender, busted grille and front clip. Of course the insurance company totalled it, but we had the option of taking the check for damages and keeping the car. The finishing touches are done, and the new paint all around is drying as I speak.

The winters here in the Michigan U.P. are harsh, and I keep my baby in the garage when the roads are sloppy. But she has no trouble starting no matter how cold it may be. I drive an old beat to hell Dodge Omni in the winter, but the Olds will always be my baby. That's all!

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Review Date: 28th October, 2000

5th Mar 2001, 13:25

Sounds like a great 98. My name is Chris and I am the owner of the 98LS on this survey too. The one called the best Oldsmobile ever. I just wanted to say that it is cool that I am not the only young guy out there that loves these boats from the past. So to you I say just keep on rollin'.