1980 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Sedan 350 V8 (5.7 Liter) from North America


Your father's (or grandfather's) Oldsmobile


A/C, water pump, passenger power window motor, not much besides normal maintenance.

General Comments:

BY FAR, the most reliable car I've ever owned!!! I originally bought it as a "beater" to drive to work so my '93 Cadillac wouldn't get sloppy from winter roads. I ended up falling so much in Love with the car, I spent $600 repainting it, almost as much as I paid for it.

The 350 V8 performs well for such a beast, and gas mileage is excellent for a big monster (22 MPG sometimes on the highway at 70 MPH). Handling is also fairly nimble, considering the car is about 19 feet long and weighs about 2 tons. The engine has no problems starting whether it's -40 in January or 110 in July. My wife has spent more on repairs on her '99 Camry than I have in 6 years on this car.

One night, as I was driving home from a wedding reception, a drunk driver in a Mazda Miata ran a red light and I ended up broadsiding him. The Miata was reduced to nearly 2/3 of its original size, and for some reason, rolled on its roof. The driver was hospitalized for 2 weeks with neck and back injuries, but I only suffered a bump to the head. The Olds suffered only a bent bumper, broken grille and headlights, and a dented fender. And the Olds is fine today, beautiful as ever, and still on the road.


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Review Date: 29th July, 2000

22nd Mar 2001, 20:31

I own a 1980 Olds 98 Regency. I am 15 years old. I have put this vehicle through hell and back, and yet it continues to run like a dream. I've hit drainage ditches at 65 m/p/h, had all 4 tires off of the ground, and put a hole in the gas tank. I think I could light a match and drive it off of a cliff and it would still start in the morning when I leave for school. These vehicles are #1.