12th Apr 2001, 17:28

I originally submitted this review. My wife owns a '94 Camry, not a '99. Wish that junker (the Toyota) was still under warranty. I know what you mean about old Olds's being reliable, Especially 77-84 98's and 88's. I own an '83 Buick Le Sabre that has a 307 Olds V8 Engine (Read my review on the Buick page titled "an ugly old thing that won't give up.) I used to beat the hell out of this car in high school, and at 242,000 miles it still does not burn a drop of oil today. It had about 159,000 miles on it when I purchased in in the fall of '96. It's a sad replacement for the 350 as far as power goes (GM was smoking some serious crack in the 80's by dropping the 350 and 403 from Olds and Buick), but its also a tank that won't die. I have NEVER been stranded in this car. Just out of curiosity, what state are you from?

25th Jul 2002, 14:25

I have a 1977 Olds 98 Regency. The green machine was my first ride, which I inherited from my grandfather. It's not presently running, but I would hate to see it go to a scrap yard, and don't have the time to fix it up for daily driving or the demo derby. At this point, I would be more than willing to give it to someone who would show it the love it deserves. If anyone is interested, or has a suggestion, please drop me a line at jdkd001@msn.com. By the way, I'm in Central PA.

27th Oct 2002, 21:04

My first car was an '83 98 regency. It took all sorts of abuse from an 18-24 year old girl. I drove it like crazy, and it was indeed a faithful friend. If I were to have that car now, I would treat it so much better. I miss it ever so, and no other car could ever take it's place. It was the best. Other cars (including a Subaru wagon) tried to smash it, and I never got more than scratches and goofy looks. Olds rocks!!!

9th Mar 2005, 20:53

I've owned 5 Oldsmobile's and I'm only 23. All Regency 98's 4dr 1980-1984. I totally pimped these babies out like no other, beautiful vehicles. I've sold 2 and I've totaled one. I've never gotten over my 1981 Olds. I'm having her tattooed on my ankle this Summer. I consider my cars to be my children...I'm obsessed with the Olds 98's. I've also owned a 1977 and a 1979 and 1983 Buick Park Avenue. But none of these compare to my Olds. They are just the perfect cars and I don't think there will ever be a comparison.Ever!!