1983 Oldsmobile 98 Regency 307 V-8 from North America


A good value car


Would not pass emissions tests because of too much carbon dioxide in the exhaust.

Right mirror wouldn't work.

Right channel on the radio wouldn't work.

Lost a hubcap on the highway.

Light in the speedometer burnt out.

Fake wood covering is beginning to wear off.

Carpet mats wore out.

All factory speakers wore out when I got the car.

General Comments:

Well, the car has some acceleration problems, but that could be because I am just a teenager with a lead foot. The car is a great car for cruising. I just love how it's such an easy riding car.

My brother drives a 1980 Ninety Eight Oldsmobile and he loves it just as well. Both of the cars are huge and create space if it has trouble getting into a parking space. That's why it will outlast any of these rice burners you find on the road today.

The car has barely any plastic on the outside. It's all chrome, metal, and steel. Though I would never put it up against a Cadillac or a Buick at a light, I would take it out to get the ladies.

If you had (or have) a car like this this, you would know why they last and ride so well. And remember, "It's an Olds thing, you wouldn't understand".

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Review Date: 31st August, 2001

3rd Oct 2001, 15:33

Why, why, why, a plastic timing chain?

It started with the timing chain. it broke and pieces got into the oil pump, scoring the gears. Then a rod went. Then the fuel pump. If I wanted to build a car I would have. Would I buy another one? No way!

27th Feb 2002, 10:48

I am a teenager that has a 1984 98. My parents drove it since 85, than gave it to my sister, then I got it. I love my Oldsmobile, it has 200,000 miles and still runs strong.

14th Jan 2003, 08:53

I'm an 18 year old and I've had my car for two years now. When I first bought it it had 203, 589 miles and now it has 203,767 miles and this car is doing just as good as it did when I bought it. My car is a 1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham. And since I've bought the car like 15 people has tried to get me to sell it to them and I'm not going to. I'm going to keep this car until the body falls off. And yes, I will own another one. Beacause this is the best car I've had so far.

20th Jul 2004, 17:33

I recently bought an 84 ninety-eight for 900cad. Hell of a deal and runs great. Burns a bit of gas, but rides like a cloud. Interior excellent and everything still works, but tripometer is stripped a bit, plastic gears.

17th Oct 2006, 21:48

I have the 1983 Ninety Eight Regency Diesel, I had bought it back in June this year with 83,000 miles on it. It has been well taken care of and the only problem that I have had with it is the power windows and the fuel pump, other than these I love driving the car. It now has 85,000 miles on it and no new problems yet.

1983 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham 5.0L from North America


Wish I had owned it right from the time it rolled off the assembly line!!


Power steering pump started leaking.

Replaced the front coil springs.

Replaced the front shocks.

Replaced the exhaust system.

Power antenna stopped working.

Cassette player stopped working.

Radiator started leaking.

Front flex hoses were cracked.

General Comments:

Although I had to replace and repair a few components, which happens to newer vehicles just the same, this car has been very reliable for me.

It's an older car, but it will still out last a lot of these brand new disposable cars.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2001

1983 Oldsmobile 98 from North America


It was the greatest car that ever was


I blew out tires from running over things that should not have been run over (nails, etc.).

The driver side power window went during the last year I owned the car.

New radiator was put in at about 130,000 miles.

I had a new cassette player installed the 1st year I owned the car, after the factory one stopped playing tapes.

At about 180,000 miles, the transmission went and I decided to say farewell.

General Comments:

My father owned this car before I did, and he gave it to me as a graduation gift when he bought a new-used Mazda.

" You'll be lucky if it lasts a year, but this will give you time to save up for a good car" said my dad. I began saving. The Oldsmobile kept on running. I saved more money.

The Oldsmobile got hit a few times, once by a little Subaru Station wagon that was going a pretty good speed. The Subaru's right front end was smashed in, while all the Oldsmobile got was a little blue paint on the rear bumper. It didn't even dent.

Three years later after he bought it, my dad's Mazda bit the dust, and the Oldsmobile was still running. I think my dad regretted ever having given up that Oldsmobile. He even tried to buy it from me.

About 4 and a half years after it entered my life, the transmission gave out. I was deeply saddened, and never forgot that faithful big brown land yacht. I still have the " Oldsmobile" nameplate that was on the rear of the car, which I keep in the glove compartment of my current car for good luck.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2001

24th Jan 2004, 14:19

Why didn't you use the saved money for a tranny??? arrrrggghhh!!!

21st Oct 2009, 16:28

Yeah, I think you could replace the transmission on this type of car for around 700-800 dollars.