1995 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Elite 3.8 liter from North America


I love it, and I am getting body work done on it, because I love it so much!


Intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced.

Lights for some reason wouldn't go off, and it was an electrical problem that needed to be fixed.

General Comments:

This car floats down the roads like a Lincoln or a Caddy.

Digital dash is attractive and more accurate.

Comfortable leather reclining seats.

Great factory speakers, but then again all GMs have that feature.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2007

4th Oct 2007, 19:49

I wrote this review and the 98 is still going strong. I've got 130,000 miles on it now. The body work is gorgeous and I am extremely pleased that I haven't had have much work done on it mechanically. A/C is still ice cold and I am not disappointed at all! I hope to drive it to 300,000 miles!

21st Nov 2007, 22:15

I don't know about 300k miles for an Olds 98, but I test drove a 92 olds 88 with the same 3.8 that the 98's run, and that old car had well over 200k on it, and this was 2 years ago. That car is still running now at 16 years old and way over 200,000 miles on it. Too bad I didn't buy it when I had the chance. Way to go GM for the 3.8L V6. You find a car that said "3800" on the motor, then it's a winner all day ooh ra!

1995 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Elite 3.8 3.8 Series II from North America


Great car with great gas mileage for a great price..


Strut Bearing or referred to strut mount on drivers Side

The driver's seat, the previous owner was large and broke the seat back.

Tune up, with new plugs and wires

New EGR Valve

New Muffler

New Power Steering Pump

New Power Steering line

New Oxygen sensor.

General Comments:

I purchased this car for 600 dollars. It replaced my "second car". My DeVille was an 89, had 147,000 and a huge gash in the side where a snow-plow hit it. Anyway, back on track. I bought this mainly as my beater car. The high mileage on it (218,000) wasn't such a big deal for me, as I found out the previous owner drove roughly 150 miles each day to work with it. So far, everything that I've replaced has been a wear and tear item. No major let-downs with this car.

Surprisingly, with this large of a car, it get great gas mileage. On highway trips I get roughly 28MPG. With country roads and city driving I get 23-24MPG. I was just shocked with the great gas mileage I get from this car. The V6 is surprisingly powerful and yet fuel-efficient. My Cadillac, which it replaced, got between 17 and 19 usually.

The engine and transmission on this car are original. When you drive this car, you wouldn't believe it had as many miles on it as it does. The car will still pick-up and go if you need it to.

My car doesn't have many of the options that were available on this car from the factory. I really love the way this car looks. The styling on this car is great. The leather seats have inflatable lumbar in the front (not as much inflatable stuff as my Trofeo has, but still nice) which makes the seats comfier for road trips.

All in all, this car is worth every bit of the 600 bucks I spent on it. I'm curious as to see how long the car will go before the engine or transmission goes out on it.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2006

3rd Oct 2006, 22:21

I'm the writer of this review, I accidentally posted this as a 1994, in all reality it's a 1995 with the Series II 3800...

1995 Oldsmobile 98 Royale six cylinder from North America


This car is truly a disapointment.


New transmission at less than 60,000.$$$$

New air conditioner system less than 60,000 miles.$$$

New starter at around 75,000.$

At 98,000,I replaced my radiator since the service rep stated that was the leak problem. It still was losing water.

I went to another GMC/Olds to have a new line replaced.

I also had to repair the brake system. (and I am not talking about just pads). I also had an engine gasket.

The next day the car started overheating. Towed it in to find the hose came loose. (Engine damage?)

Now, $2,000 in the last 3 weeks and my engine light is on.

I'm a single mother struggling. I am so unhappy with this 95 Royal and I've put so much money into it! My 84 Calais was wonderful! That's why I bought another Olds. Never again!

General Comments:

I love the inside of this car. I love the way it rides.

Repair and reliability has been an on- going nightmare. My credit cards reflect that.

I have had so many problems since about 24,000 miles. I wonder if it was damaged in some way before I bought it.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004

15th Sep 2006, 13:30

I think you were right when you said that it might've been damaged before you bought it. I own a 1995 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Elite (they didn't make a Royale for the 98s in 1995, maybe you should check up on that). I absolutely love this car: drives nice, always starts up, is big enough to fit the family plus some, and the trunk space is awesome. I can't tell you how many times this car has saved me during nasty snowy weather. I was driving around in two inch slush and the traction control kept kicking in. I didn't swerve once (my dad, driving in front of me in his Mustang, wasn't so lucky ha ha).

The ride is so nice. The only thing we've had to replace on this car was the water pump and one of the park lamps. I'm in the mid 100,000s with the mileage and it's running just as strong as when we bought it. Quite possibly the greatest car ever. Someone must've sabotaged the hell out of yours before you bought it.