14th Dec 2006, 15:05

I recently purchased a 1995 98 Regency Elite with 117000 miles for $2500, and although I have had to put $1000 more into it, the car has been doing great so far. The ride is smooth and the interior is easy to clean. I had a cd player installed and it sounds great even with just the factory speakers. I love this car, its like a Cadillac but a little cheaper, and it doesn't have a V8 which helps with gas.

I think you may have just bought a car that had poor maintenence before you got a hold of it. That's too bad because I love my 98 so far!

30th Jan 2007, 07:29

I purchased my ’95 Oldsmobile Regency 98 in 2004. It had 90,000 miles on it. As of January ’07 I now have 252,000 miles on it.

Positive features include a very smooth ride, comfortable seating for the driver, and many controls on the steering wheel. The 3800 supercharged engine is a real boost and I have had no problems with it.

Some normal service problems which I have experienced include replacing the water pump (150,000), alternator (180,000), and trunk pull-down (205,000).

Problems that will not be repaired include water leaking through door (125,000), water leaking through moon roof (145,000), glove box does not latch and had to be taped shut (155,000), plastic cover on interior side of moon roof broke (185,000), the plastic tuning knob on the stereo broke (190,000), outside temperature indicator does not read correctly (193,000), window controls (not motor) break from the armrest (210,000), and the passenger seat stuck in uncomfortable position (229,000).

If you have a supercharged engine, be sure to use not less than 89 octane gas. We have used 89 nearly always and occasionally used 91.

We have had an occasional transmission slippage ever since 140,000. Nothing major, but it is there.

Although I change the oil every 3000 miles, the car needs oil after running about 1800 miles. I find no leaks on the pavement and my only conclusion is that it burns oil. It takes an extra two or three quarts between oil changes.

As you can see, there have been problems with the car. But the overall experience has been positive because the car has been a true workhorse.

18th Feb 2007, 11:36

I have some friends who purchased a brand new Ninety-Eight in 1995 and drove it until almost 300,000 miles with very little trouble. When I last rode in the car, the odometer read 285,000 and everything still worked perfectly, including the air conditioning and power accessories. Cosmetically, the car was beginning to suffer, but no biggie when you look at how the car more than paid for itself. They did have the transmission replaced once, but they never had engine problems. They gave the car away when they got something else, and I still see the same Ninety-Eight being driven around town over three years later!!