16th Sep 2005, 09:02

I just bought a one-owner 1988 98 touring sedan. I work in the service department of a Chevrolet, formerly Olds also, dealership.

I love this car, and everyone who drives it is amazed.. with 198,000 miles, it still runs and drives great. The only thing is the leather steering wheel looks a little bad. Anyone have any ideas on repair or replacement...?


16th Aug 2006, 14:56

What a great car, the Touring Sedan! Back in ’95, I went crazy for a while and tried to get rich selling new cars. I didn’t get rich, but I sure got an education about used cars. One of the trade-ins was an Olds Touring Sedan, and I have lusted for one ever since. Now, I HAVE one, a 1989 model. Paid $1,400 for it, and felt I stole it. A one-owner, with 180,000 miles on it. Great shape. No leaks, no noise, and no car payment.

I have always felt the late 1980’s Buicks and Oldsmobiles were the best cars for the dollar the U.S. ever offered. Comfort, classic timeless styling, front wheel drive, and most of all, a pleasure to drive. I understand their 3.8 engine is one of the Top Ten engines ever built.

I’m 69, and may keep it ‘til I’m too old to drive. As for problems, only the dang molasses-speed power windows, which I hear are endemic with the breed. But smooth power, and loaded to the nines. It turns heads. I still haven’t mastered the message board. Too high-tech for me.

Jim Nichols Billings MT.

30th Nov 2006, 23:54

I bought my Touring Sedan in august just as a winter beater, it is in splendid shape and truly a pleasure to drive. I actually decided to sell my other vehicle and use the touring sedan as my main car. I bought it for around $2000 and at 140000 miles it's tighter than a lot of contemporary cars. I really think it was a shame Oldsmobile was closed, they're cars have always been exceptional, and the touring sedan a rare prize for those who know anything about it.

13th Jan 2007, 13:17

In 1999 I sold my 1996 Olds Aurora to come up with a down payment on a vacation home. I had to come up with some transportation quickly, and ended up buying a 1990 Touring Sedan with 150,000 miles. I liked the car better than the Aurora! It was white with burgundy leather interior, had the moon roof and Bose radio. I loved that car! By far, it had the best seats I have ever had in a car. I kept it 2 years and sold it to a co-worker who got 2 more years out of it. I have been looking for a low mileage 1990 on E-bay for years now, but no luck. I plan to keep looking!!

17th Jan 2007, 19:19

I enjoyed running across this forum because I too owned an Olds Touring Sedan (1988) for several years.

The car was beautiful (white with gray interior), quick, and fun to drive. Mine had few options, but with the Touring Sedan tons of "extras" were standard.

It was very dependable. I bought it used (98,000 miles), drove it for business and donated it to charity with 350,000 miles on it. The guy called me the next Saturday and said he had never seen a domestic car with so many miles in such good shape. It ran beautifully, no leaks, and no oil use. Driver's bucket needed new leather, but perforated is very costly and just couldn't accept vinyl. Seat fit like a glove (even if it looked like an old shoe!).

It had a few problems along the way, but the most expensive was the anti-lock brake unit going out. Alternators lasted about 1 year, but were easy to replace (had best results with Auto Zone's cheapest rebuilt). The passenger's front seat liked to rattle, but I got used to it.

However, even at 350,000 miles, the engine and transmission had never been torn down, and it still had the original fuel pump, exhaust, coil pack, and plug wires!

If I had a place to keep it, I would still have my Touring Sedan. All 4 of our children were brought home from the hospital in it, and the day before we donated it I took lots of pictures of them in the car.

I still drive its successor, an 88 LSS. Similar in some ways, even better in a few, but not a Touring Sedan. If you have one, take care of it. Some day you'll miss it.

23rd Feb 2007, 12:03

I had a 1988 Olds Touring Sedan for 6 years. It was and still is the best car I ever owned. I bought it used with 78,000 miles on it and drove it until I traded it in with 205,000. It still ran like a top, but the body was starting to show some wear after years in the salt. The handling was really tight for a big car and the interior was comfortable and sporty. Mine was gunmetal grey with a maroon interior. I got a company car and my Wife drove it for 2 more years and she loved the moonroof and the seats and, of course, that nasty Bose stereo---- nothing like that car on a nice summer day with the roof open, the tunes blaring and zipping along on a nice winding road. I miss it.

24th Jun 2007, 01:05

I own a 1990 olds regency 98.Got it for 500,but with a bad transmission, other than that a great car, rides good, runs great and gets pretty good gas mileage. I have a cam magnet that came off and stuck to the oil pan, now I intend to fix it, but the check engine light is on and it runs fine. I intend to keep this car for a long time, had 148000 on it when I got it, but now has 161000 in 5 months trouble free!Got a rebuilt transmission out of a wrecking yard papers and all for 175,and with my previous knowledge (1986 Buick le sabre fwd),putting it in was a piece of cake.

30th Jun 2007, 23:09

I just purchased a 1990 Olds Touring Sedan on eBay. I agree with everyone else, in that, these are the best cars ever built by GM. The 3800 engine is outstanding, and with frequent oil changes and easy driving habits, it's good for over 300k miles.

Has anyone had a problem with the engine stuttering and stalling... only after it's fully warmed up.


8th Sep 2007, 12:23

I just bought a 90 Regency.

The transmission slips in 1st and 2nd. Does anybody know how to adjust the bands, without taking it to a transmission shop?


30th Sep 2007, 15:13

I bought a 1988 Olds Touring Sedan with 103K in 1997. I still have the vehicle and it currently has 320K. I have owned a lot of vehicles in my life, but never a car that has given me the trouble free mileage that this vehicle has given me. The paint (black) is still near perfect, which is normally unheard of for GM. I have never had as much as the valve covers off this engine. I have changed out the suspension parts, but have NEVER had any major or minor repair done on the engine and transmission. I have maintained the vehicle with Castrol 10-30 and have done regular maintenance on the transmission and cooling systems.I'm starting to have an issue with the master cylinder braking system. Can anyone out there help me in locating an NOS master cylinder for this vehicle. Thanks GM for a great car. raypendell@aol.com.