2000 Oldsmobile Alero GL3 3.4 V6 from North America


Good car with some problems, but terrible customer service.


At about 15000 miles, the car suddenly went dead while driving. The fuel gage showed 1/4 full and Oldsmobile Roadside towed it to the dealer. The next day, I was told the car "was just out of gas" and the dealer charged me $200 for "diagnostic charges". He told me he spent two hours taking everything apart before he figured it was out of gas. When asked why the fuel gage didn't show it, he said he never checked the gage, just tried putting gas in when nothing else worked. He told me Roadside assistance would reimburse the $200 "it was their responsibility". Well, Roadside claimed it was Oldsmobile's fault, Oldsmobile initially said the dealer should pay back the money, it went on for six months and Oldsmobile finally gave me nothing. The fuel gage has been ok since, but I fil up as soon as it reaches a low reading.

At 16000 miles, the turn signals and hazard lights would intermittently go dead. They would start working and stop working - at random. The dealer said the entire electronic unit needed to be replaced. This was covered under warranty. Now, at 40,000miles, the same problem again - but no more warranty. I am afraid to take it to the dealer because it's $100 per hour regardless of whether they figure out the problem. When I called GM, they refused to even discuss the problem unless I took the car to one of their dealers to "diagnose" the problem.

General Comments:

Oldsmobile Customer service is very poor.

Oldsmobile allows some dealerships to charge $100 just to look at the car. for a problem.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

9th Aug 2003, 17:56

Same thing happened on my Alero (2000/100k)

25th Aug 2003, 13:27

I have a 2000 GLS with 63,000 miles, and my directionals and hazards were working on and off also. I brought it to the dealer, and they said it was a bad hazard switch. Fine now, $250 later. Not under warranty, of course. Also had brakes fixed 3 times at my expense. The car is nice looking, but such a piece of crap. I will never buy American again.

14th Jan 2004, 17:52

Blinkers work when they want to, also the car vibrates when braking.

10th May 2004, 13:41

Just an FYI...

There was a recall on this and nobody should have been charged for faulty wiring in the steering column. If you check with Kelly Blue Book and go under Recalls, this problem is listed. They really know how to scam us huh?

29th Jun 2004, 15:00

I to have an Oldsmobile Alero 2000 model. My turn signals would work some of the time and then not at all. I got the recall notice and had it fixed. However, I currently have 68,000 miles on the car and my converter clutch has gone out in the automatic transmission. Needless to say, I'm not very happy about this. Has anyone else had any automatic transmission problems?

30th Aug 2006, 20:08

I have a 2001 Alero and my every time I put the car in gear it jerks really bad. I have taken it to have it looked at and no one can seem to fix the problem. Is anyone else in a similiar situation?

2000 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4L V6 from North America


A hunk-of-junk. Buyer beware


Rotors and brake pads needed to be replaced at 6, 10, 18, and 24,000 miles.

Horrible grinding noise when turning corners. Dealer could never fix this problem.

High-powered power steering hose went out at 45,000 and was not covered under the warranty; the cost for the repair was $465.

Serious electrical problems that resulted in the car not starting when it rained heavily.

Leaky moon-roof that the dealer did not fix.

Transmission slipped often, but the dealer could not determine why or what caused the problem. I was told by the dealer that "nothing was wrong."

Gas gage did not work at times.

Approximately once a month while driving the car all gaues would go to 0; this included the speedometer. Again, dealer did not know why this occurred.

Poor suspension that resulted in a very rough ride.

Cheap CD player that did not load very well and often disks got stuck in the feeder.

"Check engine" light would often come on then go off again. Once again, dealer had no reason why this happened.

The dash lights did not work over 75% of the time. Driving at night was dangerous.

General Comments:

Do not buy this car! It may look nice and sporty, but it is a piece of junk. I'd honestly rather walk from place to place than ever have to drive this car again.

I traded it in after having it for 2.5 years and the trade-in value was horrible. I'm just glad to be rid of it.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

24th Nov 2003, 19:15

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero and have had nothing, but costly repairs.

Most recently, the gas gauge, when below a quarter tank, will show the vehicle is full of gas then will drop back down and the low fuel light will go on.

The door locks are not functioning correctly. They only work intermittently. Also the vehicle locks itself if I turn the vehicle on, get out of the car and shut the door. (I think this is because of the remote start though).

The security light comes on, generally when it is raining. Also if I start the vehicle and the engine does not role over, I have to turn the vehicle completely off, take the key out of the ignition, get out of the car, shut the door, then I can try it again. If I try to start the car without doing this, the security light flashes and I have to get out of my vehicle and wait twenty minutes for the security system to reset itself.

When I come to a complete stop or when my car is in reverse, my dome light and courtesy lights come on. This is quite dangerous in my town at night for my interior lights to come on when I am at a complete stop. Also, when I park my vehicle and turn it off, my dome light and courtesy light stays on for about 10-20 minutes. I ended up taking the fuse out so I wouldn't have a dead battery.

When I have the vehicle in reverse, it feels as though I have ran something over or hit something, as the rear of the car makes an awful clunk. I have had it inspected by numerous dealers and repair shops with no fix yet.

I've had the wheel bearings replaced twice since I bought the car.

The manifold gasket has been replace, but I was told this is common in six cylinders. (??)

I've had the lower control arm bushings replaced.

The vehicle has been into the shop about every three months for either new rotors (mostly) or brake pads.

The vehicle has been into the dealer repair shop for replacement of the water pump (at 58000 miles, covered under extended warranty)

The vehicle has also been into the repair shop eight times in four months to repair the air conditioning system. They replaced almost every part in the air conditioning system. It did make it through this last summer though. Although, I only used it about six times.

I currently have to take the vehicle in to try to determine the cause of the electrical problem and again try to get the awful clunk sound repaired. Also, just tonight, it sounds and feels as though I have no power steering.

The seal coat is chipping on my rear driver's side door and the paint is now starting to chip which in turn is causing rust.

I got drawn in to the purchase of this car by its sporty look. I regret buying this car and owe twice as much as I can sell it for. I don't recommend the purchase of this car to anyone. I can't even sell it outright and take the loss because I would feel guilty doing that to someone (as it was done to me). I wouldn't wish this car on my worse enemy.