26th Jan 2009, 18:36

Wow! I'm having the EXACT same problems with my car. I agree-it is a total lemon. DO NOT BUY!

11th Mar 2009, 07:37

I got my '03 at 30,000 miles. I'm now at 145,000 miles and I've had to replace the front wheel bearings twice and the battery once. Other than that it's the most reliable car I've had. Seems pretty fast for a 4 cylinder too.

2nd Feb 2010, 16:28

I agree total lemon and I have had the exact same problems, minus the alternator. Don't buy this piece of crap car.

28th Feb 2011, 00:46

Looks like I got lucky with my 03 Alero sedan 3400. I ain't experienced no electrical problems.

When I got the car, the back speakers were blown so bad, very little sound was coming out, so I replaced them with Rockford Fosgate speakers, and increased the sound balance toward the rear, and they sound amazing.

The car has 156,000 miles on it, I bought it off eBay for 2 grand with 144,000 miles on it, and I swear the previous owner boned it out. Intake gasket was replaced around 146,000, but that's common with all 3400 motors.

Wheel bearings are still good after putting 12,000 miles on it.

Security system did lock up about 4 months ago, but I read the owner's manual, and got it to work again.

I drive this car everywhere, and I love the way it drives. I have taken this car on a couple long road trips, and I am taking it on a long road trip this weekend.

Overall, this boned out 2 grand ebay car runs and drives like new since I tuned it up and put about $1,500 in it.

Sorry about everything in this review being scrambled.

30th Aug 2012, 14:49

I've had mine for 9.5 years, and it's one of the best cars I've ever had! GLS-V6, 2003 4 door sedan.