29th Apr 2009, 18:12

I own a 2001 Alero, 4 door, 4 cylinder. I bought it in 2003 with 32,000 miles from a rental car company. It now has 156,000 and still runs like a top.

I've replaced the rotors once, brake pads three times. It is loaded, power windows, electric seat, AC/CD player with the upgraded sound system, and my 18 year old son and friends blare it away with no speaker problems. As a matter of fact, they have been scoping it out to put in his Toyota.

The engine runs great with no repairs whatsoever. I think I put plugs in her at 105,000.

The power steering started to leak about a year ago, but I simply dumped in some Lucas power steering stop leak and no problems since. It can burn the tires every time from a stop, break 120 miles per hour and get 24 miles per gallon (not at the same time :~) )

I have owned dozens of cars, none as dependable and worry free as Ol' Al.

20th Sep 2009, 00:38

I bought my 2001 Alero 4 cyl 4DR from a little old lady when it was at 76,000 4 years ago. Today she sits at almost 160,000 and RUNNIN STRONG! I have never in my life had such a wonderful, dependable vehicle! I never have to worry that she won't start when I am ready to take off somewhere. I love her so much that just last weekend I treated her to some tinted windows and a fancy remote start so that she can turn some heads! Anyone know of where I can get a bumper sticker "I Love My Lil' Alero"??

27th Sep 2009, 19:58

I bought my 2004 Alero with 91,000ks. It now has 101,000ks and still runs like a charm.

I did have front front rotors installed; that's not bad for that many ks.

It's been a great car so far and I'm expecting many carefree miles.

I really enjoy the power it has for a 6 cylinder, and the gas mileage is very impressive. So not all Aleros have trouble. Maybe it's the way they are driven?

15th Oct 2009, 19:54

I have owned my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero for almost 10 years. Most of my problems have been cosmetic. HA! I wish.

The dashboard has peeled up and the paint is missing on my gear shift.

The molding is coming off of my windshield.

The backseats were not attached to the car when I bought it. My brother has to attach them for me.

I have had to replace my tires, brakes, and rotors numerous amounts of time.

I recently had to have new tie rods put on the front, which could be normal wear and tear.

I also have had problems that are not so simple.

My rear defrost doesn't work.

My trunk won't come open with the keyless entry or button on the door. Sometimes my trunk won't even shut.

Water leaks in the front and back of my car, but from where I don't know.

Both my driver side and passenger side windows have had broken motors within a year of each other.

I did have my recall part fixed on the warning signals/blinkers. I still do not have fully functioning blinkers. They are very fickle and make a loud noise that are not normal.

Also my fog lights don't work and they have new bulbs. I am sure this is some sort of electrical problem.

The CD/radio sometimes doesn't work for periods of time.

My tire pressure light stays on regardless of whether my tires are low or not.

My car has never died except for when it needed a new battery until recently. I tried to start my car and it would only turn over and then die. It has been raining for a few days. I took it to an autoshop where they plugged it into the computer and could not find a problem. They are saying the windshield is leaking water into a fuse box. Now my car is at autoglass center where they say water is not leaking anywhere. I have already paid a lot of money to have it looked at and to no avail. I am not sure what to do. I see where other people have complained about water leaking and I'm wondering if this is a huge problem.

I totally regret buying this car. The dealership has been very difficult about fixing small issues and I feel I've been taken advantage of. My car is no longer worth what is takes to have to fix these issues.

21st Oct 2009, 06:47

The Oldsmobile Alero is a piece of crap, and it's a real shame that it wasn't eligible for the Cash for Clunkers program.

14th Feb 2010, 16:37

I bought my 2000 Alero new in Feb. 2000. To date it has 31345 miles, and still runs like a rabbit.

Other than replacing the front rotors and brakes, a serpentine belt, and battery, the car is original and untouched. It does, however have the infamous peeling dash and fan switch that doesn't work in the first 3 positions. I plan to have these items fixed this spring, as the car is still in excellent condition with several years of dependable life left.

1st Mar 2010, 12:59

I bought my 4 cylinder Alero new in 2002, and I absolutely love this car!! I currently have just over 95k miles on it. I live in the midwest and travel quite a distance for work, so I've considered up grading to a cross-over vehicle for the winters, but every time I think about getting rid of my lil' Alero.. I can't do. It handles wonderfully in the snow, and is a zippy little car for being only a 4 cylinder.

I've only had to replace the brakes as normal routine maintenance, and the mechanics have never failed. There is no peeling or bubbling on the dash board, and the fan switch works in all positions. The speakers are still in working order, and I'm only 25... so I blare all sorts of music. The blinkers did stop working a few years ago, but it was a factory recall and the dealership had it fixed in no time.

This is a great car, so I find it strange that so many people are having so many issues with it... although as with most reviews people, only write them when there is something wrong.

25th Mar 2010, 10:31

My daughter owns a 2000 Alero, it has over 110,000 plus miles.

She drives about 1hr to work every day. Since she's had this car, it's had problem after problem.

Her first issue was a blown strut, which I replaced for her.

A month later, it was a blown intake manifold. I replaced it 3 years ago myself.

The traction light stays on constantly, along with the low tire pressure light, and last summer it blew out its schrader valve on the high pressure A/C line.

Now the fuel pump is going bad, and three window motors and their regulators have gone out.

And to beat everything, the car has blown its intake manifold once again. I have never seen a car with so many problems at one time.

If anyone is ever interested in an Alero or this model Oldsmobile, stay clear as is it is pure junk, and in my estimation a piece of crap.