4th Aug 2004, 07:58

I know you love your car now--we all did when we first got the money trap called the Alero. Give it time. The car will break down. My best advice to you: Start saving money for repairs now, and invest in AAA.

2nd Sep 2006, 19:15

I have own my 99 Alero for 6 years now, as far as the looks - it's a good looking car! It runs and rides very well (knock on wood) However I have went though so many sets of back brakes - and rotors always are in bad shape - several times I've took and got them replaced and I leave the shop squeaking like I did when I went in ---go figure???

My back windows do not work anymore - they will go down, but not back up, the molding strips on the inside widows are curling up and becoming loose.

My gas hand hasn't worked in years!

Some type of light is always on - oil light, brake light, seat belt light, check engine light etc... so I never know if it's for real or just one of those days the lights want to come on, the older my car gets the more 'little' things go wrong.

But my main problem is the brakes... you would think there would be recall on them as many people do have the same problem, I can't afford to buy another car - haven't had this one paid off that long - so I'm hoping it will last another year or so for me, I don't know about the rest, but I gave a pretty good penny for that little car - and still I'm paying everytime a brake job is needed.

It's a pretty car - top & bottom - I've seen it many times on the bottom too as its been up on a lift for the brake repairs! LOL - Good Luck to us all who drive a 99 Alero! We gotta love our cars!