27th Jan 2011, 20:55

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero. It doesn't always start. I started it up and it kept cutting off, so I had it towed to see what was wrong with it. They said it needed a fuel pump; no pressure (it was broke). They couldn't get it started because of the security system. Finally it was running, took it to have the security system removed, drove fine for 3 days, and I noticed it had an awful racket sound coming from under the car. After I got off work, noticed that mileage light was on (car was not running and key was not in the ignition), and the car would turn over and die, would not stay running.

Finally got car to run, dash sensor not working, RPM gauge, fuel gauge, and speedometer not working. I took it back to the place, and they put back what they took off the security system, and it still didn't want to start, and the gauges aren't working. It has a kill switch for anti theft, but it's preventing the owner from driving.

I haven't had any issues with the brakes or windows, but it is leaking on the driver's side near where the hood release is when it rains. I can't figure out how the water is getting inside. I like the car and want to keep it, but if I can't get it started and the gauges don't work, what is a person suppose to do?

I had filled the car up with gas the day I had went to work, and hadn't driven it since I got it home the next day (left it at work since no one could get it running). After I had finally got it started and took it back for them to see why the dash panel was malfunctioning, they checked everything and put the security system back on (what they did should not have caused the issues with the panel or starting the car). I had to put gas in the car. I haven't smelled any gas, so I assume it isn't leaking gas, before they put the fuel pump on, and I filled the car all the way up; I would smell gas and some would leak out from under the car.

I do not know what is wrong with this car. Anyone have any ideas?

Not Smiling, HSV AL.