1999 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 V8 from North America


Art in Motion


Power antenna failed, dealer replaced under warranty.

One rear shock leaked fluid, dealer replaced under warranty.

Engine leaked oil from various sources, dealer pulled engine and installed new gaskets and seals throughout. Changed water pump and power steering pump at same time (mechanic noticed seepage and decided to replace under warranty).

HVAC system makes strange noises from under dash. Dealer can never seem to hear what I hear and can't diagnose problem.

Sunroof panel replaced two times because paint around rim peeled off. (Warranty item.)

Tilt steering column bushing went bad and caused the column to have free play. Bearing replaced under warranty.

Hood insulation panel fell apart, dealer replaced under warranty.

Rotors have tendency to warp.

Windshield reveal molding keep coming unglued.

General Comments:

Generally speaking, I am very happy with my Aurora. The car, in my opinion, is gorgeous. It is unlike any other car on the road. It reminds me of the first generation Olds Toronado, which was a landmark car for GM-Oldsmobile.

However, the first generation Aurora's great design is flawed by so-so execution at the factory and mediocre quality parts. It's the little things on this car that drive me nuts. I would expect better quality parts, especially interior parts, on a car that is stickered at $38K. I do wonder how well the car will wear into the future. I am also concerned how much trouble the car will give me now that the warranty is up and the cost. I'll have to wait and see.

The car otherwise is nice to look at and is powerful and very comfortable. I have no complaints with the drivetrain other than the engine oil leaks that the dealer fixed. According to my service manager, this is common issue on the 4.0 Northstar engine.

As a GM fan from long back, I am disappointed Olds. is being dropped. The Aurora is was a great attempt at reinventing the division, but just didn't catch on. Too bad.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

11th May 2004, 10:27

If I bought a car new and had all those problems by 50k miles, I would be terribly disappointed in the car. Considering this was about a $35k car new, that is totally unacceptable. My Volvo with over 200k miles has not needed any of the repairs your car has needed and I think that's just sad. I don't care how good the Aurora looks, if it can't get you safely from point A to point B, it's not worth driving.