29th Jul 2004, 12:02

I love the Aurora and I would definitely buy one. And don't listen to the Volvo guy's comment. The only reason he hasn't had a problem is he's driving a Swedish safety-box is all. Hey, Olds makes a great product. And if you don't like them, hey, it's your loss.

5th Dec 2004, 18:58

I am about to buy a 2001 Black Aurora (3.5 Engine). I have never been very happy with American cars, but the price is right at this time and I like the car. Lots of power, nice interior and has a nice look to it. I would really like some feedback on this car. Should I buy this car?

21st Jan 2005, 23:08

I have owned a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora from inception in 1999. The car has provide a lower cost alternative to Cadillac, which is what I anticipate the goal of GM was in introducing such a car. As the car ages, I wonder what will possible fulfill my future needs. I have test driven the "Caddy CTS", BMWs and Mercedes while looking for a replacement, but have concluded that the only subsitute lies within the STS. Good luck finding a more well equiped car for the money.

25th Feb 2005, 08:28

To the person looking to buy a new car, GM has continued to make the Aurora in another name... The Pontiac Bonneville. The new Bonneville is more aggressively-styled, but the overall make up of the vehicle is the same as the Aurora. I think they use the same chassis as the late Riviera which was shared with the Aurora. The Riviera also used a 3.8L V6 engine and the Bonneville uses the 3.8L engine. Pontiac just recently added a Bonneville model called the GXP which brings with it a 275hp Northstar. With that engine, it brings it in line with what the Aurora would have been if it were still in production.

In the automotive industry, if they invested millions of dollars in producing a vehicle, they aren't going to just scrap the project without using it somewhere else in their line up. Besides, one of the great things about GM is that its parts bin is spread across many platforms.

Especially after the Aurora received some many rave reviews in the racing community.

Check it out!!!

26th Jan 2006, 19:01

I am the owner of two auroras 98 and 99 and consider them to be the best thing out of GM. I was an Oldsmobile mechanic in 66 when the tornado came out and was thrilled that Olds had taken the chance to introduce something new to the auto industry. Their introduction of the aurora was also a break away from the norm. The only thing I know GM did wrong was to not get the word out about this fantastic auto. No auto mfg. has, and,probably never will equal this auto.

24th Mar 2006, 09:30

I think the Aurora is not continued in the Pontiac Boneville because it clearly looks nothing like an Aurora on the inside or out. They used bits and pieces of the car within the company as a whole, but nothing specificly linking it to the Boneville. I consider buying the 3.5 to the person above. It's a great car, has almost the same power as the 4.0 from the start, but lacks a little in the high end power. Aurora is a great car and should never have been cut off.

28th Mar 2006, 16:08

To the March 24 comment: the post-1999 Aurora WAS based on the same platform as the Bonneville and the LeSabre, whether you think it looks like them or not. All three are, of course, now discontinued.

2nd Sep 2008, 19:27

I have owned three Aurora's and still have one now. I put 206k on one and have 120+ on the one I am driving now. I think the car is the finest driving car I have ever owned. My wife drives a RX 300 and I would rather drive my 95 Aurora. On long trips the Aurora is our choice. The 4.0 is the only way to go. The 3.5 mileage is about the same but the power difference is substantial. If you have a diamond white 96-99 you don't want let me know, I'll take it!

24th Aug 2011, 11:12

To the person that said the Oldsmobile is replaced with a Pontiac is incorrect. The Aurora is built on the same platform as a Buick Rivera.