2002 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 from North America


A good price for a very good car



Except when I bought the car it had couple light bulbs out that were replaced by the dealer for no charge.

General Comments:

I always wanted to have a new body style Aurora when they came out in 2001, but couldn't afford it. In 2003 I found a 2002 Aurora 4.0 with 44800 miles for 18k, so I thought that it's a good deal to buy it and I did.

This is my 3rd Oldsmobile and this is the best car I have ever owned, and I have had seven cars. The car has very good looks, is very comfortable and unique on the road. It's a shame Oldsmobile is not making this great car, which is perfect in every way, acceleration, comfort, gas mileage, handling and equipment.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2004

7th Aug 2004, 12:37

Personally, I see GM going way downhill. There cars are nothing, but computers on wheels. They add all the gadgetry so the buyer won't focus on the quality of the car. Fords going down too, Chrysler's been there for a while. For example, look at the new Malibu and look at the 70's model. That will make you laugh. The Oldsmobile Aurora was the last decent car GM made. Even Carrol Shelby put the Aurora 4.0 in the Series 1 because he said it was such a good engine. And it was. The Aurora was a totally engineered from scratch. Not using anything from any other GM name. Not even sheet metal. G.M. is just real crappy lately. Even Cadillac has lost its once great glory. So has Buick. The cars they make do not serve up to there once great pasts.

19th Aug 2004, 21:38

I recently (7-13-2004) bought a 2001 4.0 Aurora (Polo Green) with only 51,538 miles on it. The car was very well kept by the previous owner. I looked at them new. But, the price was to high for my budget. I bought his car for $16,100. This car is nice, smooth, very well made and handles excellently. The only problem: The gated shift indicator bulb had to replaced at dealers expense. This car gets a lot of looks on the road. Oldsmobile may want to consider making them under the Pontiac name. Please DO>>!!