18th Dec 2003, 12:20

Can't Afford to Keep It-----Can't Sell It

Don't get me wrong I love my 95 Aurora. For looks and performance it can't be beaten.

Unfortunately every light on the dash is now lit.

Service engine---Slams into gear from park Sometimes

ABS--brakes shutter

Traction control--hasn't worked in years

Lots of electrical problems

I no longer take it to shop as they never seem to be able to fix it before I run out of money.

I plan to run her till she dies then junk it.

9th May 2004, 21:13

I recently bought a 95 Aurora early this year and fell in love quickly. Three months into our relationship she started getting cold so I bought her a radiator ($279.00). After the radiator, I noticed that the traction control stopped working as did the rotors. Then after everything was finished, fixed, and repaired I spent three thousand dollars customizing her IN and the transmission went OUT. It was not meant to be!

13th Jul 2004, 18:04

I also own one of these and the brake lines like to rust out. EGR valve went out and while going down the road at 60Mph, the car stalls completely. The ac quit working due to a hole punched in the condenser from the cross bar bolt. The radio works when it wants. While driving along and I hit a bump the car's rear end shifts sideways. It shimmies at 65mph. So far the engine and the trans works good it has 114,000 miles.

27th Jul 2004, 17:59

I love my Aurora!

Before buying one, remember, this is a performance LUXURY vehicle meaning parts and labor are not cheap; however, this car rocks!!!

You will not find a more comfortable car: Japanese, German, or American, that offers the combination of comfort and performance for the price.

There are a couple of things that seem to be common problems with this car: serpetine belts, accessory idler arms, steering columns, and radiator tanks.

I have replaced all of the aforementioned, and yes, they were all costly, but I just can't part with this car. It has the performance of a Z car, style, class, comfort, and handles well for a large mid-sized car. I replaced the factory stereo with a Blaupunkt system, but kept the speakers which perform quite well for factory speakers.

There have been a few important recalls - make sure you get the rear seatbelt retractors replaced. I no longer use premium gas and have not seen a loss in power or problems with knocking, dieseling, etc.

For less than $5000 you can get a great car that performs well and is a dream to drive. Two big thumbs up.

1st Aug 2005, 15:39

I just bought a 95 Aurora and so far I love it! It takes off like a true sports car when I really punch it. It has 189,000 miles on it and when you drive it you would never think it had that many miles. Only spent $1,700.00 for it, and what a good deal! The A/C was not working so I put some R134 and stop leak in the compressor and it has been blowing cold ever since. (Midas told me I needed a compressor, so watch those guys!) I will be taking it to the shop soon to get all belts and hoses changed, and engine flushed. Fog lights do not work, but I think it's just a matter of replacing the bulbs.