18th Dec 2008, 11:15

I have had many of the problems listed above with my 1996 Aurora. It's currently broke down in my driveway. If any one would like to contact me for parts please do. I have found with all the problems it has it will cost more to fix then it is worth. jeremy_martin78@yahoo.com is my e-mail address if anyone is interested.

14th Feb 2009, 19:29

I have had a 96 Aurora since 2006. Got it with 45k and it has 62k now. Warped rotors, bad master cylinder, info center display always flashes "service engine soon" (code 45) along with bong from warning chime, grinding noise when making sharp turns at low speed-forward or reverse, traction light along with noise from "traction active" intervention at start of drive-I press "traction off" button to get car to drive normally-then OK after a few blocks until car is turned off, rear passenger window doesn't work occasionally, A/C will kick out in summer along with a raise in idle speed to 1800-2000 rpm-shut off key and restart to reset A/C and idle speed, leaking coolant and washer fluid, in town mileage often less than 16 mpg (highway often more than 30), all these things are intermittant and I have only resurfaced rotors ($150), replaced master cylinder ($500) and diagnosed the "service engine soon" ($69) as a bad connection line sensor in the A/C system. Other than that, its been 8 liters of synthetic Mobil at a time and nothing else (so far).

I am waiting for a day when nothing in particular is going wrong to trade this elephant in for a Toyota. Unfortunately, something comes up every day (currently, traction control intervenes every start-up), so not a good time to unload. I sympathize with the person who longs to drive his/her Aurora over a cliff and watch it explode. I could have a grin at seeing mine make a nose dive as well.

25th Feb 2009, 00:01

I have a 95 Olds Aurora. I had a few problems with the car. Costly yes, but no more than having car payments. When running right, I don't believe there is any other car out there that rides as nice for the price.

As for working on the car, I would recommend going to ebay or a similar site, and checking out the service shop manuals. I believe I searched ebay under 1995 oldsmobile aurora service manual.

14th Mar 2009, 00:34

Howdy to all Aurora owners, some advice, repairs and info.

I also own a 96 Aurora, Autobahn Edition. Mine hasn't had the problems that seem to be rampant with yours, but I have learned in the last year what goes wrong with them and an idea of how to fix them.

The Aurora (s) that catch fire are due to a thermoplastic fuel rail. I know all 95s and most 96's have this abomination. There is a recall on this and have it fixed ASAP.

As for those who have CD players that don't play, remove it from the dash, open it up and you'll find a series of red LEDs and optic sensors. Clean these sensors, and there's a good chance you'll get loading capability. If it doesn't work, you can use the CD player from any Oldsmobile from 95 to 2000 with the blue electrical connector in the back. Also, Buick CD players fit if the connector is blue, except you can find one as new as 2003 that will fit.

Transmissions are something of a rarity of these cars as far as failure, but it does happen. However, any transmission shop with experience from Cadillac should be able to hep you. You are not stuck with the dealer.

Also, for those who find their parts being chemically eaten from the inside, be forewarned there is a Dexcool recall. Google it, and you'll find the details.

Hope this helps


9th Jun 2009, 14:06

It's good (well, not that good) to see that I am not the only one with the Aurora headache. I too have a 96 with 155,000 miles and a bunch of problems. Mine has been leaking coolant for some time now. My friend works as a mechanic at a GM dealership and he has replaced or repaired numerous parts in my cooling system including: radiator (replaced $200+), numerous hoses, and a new overflow tank cap.

I also have the same oil leak that everybody has. My friend told me it would require 10+ hours of labor to fix. He told me to just keep an eye on the oil level because it is not worth fixing.

I also have some electrical problems with my car. I don't have the key-less entry things so I have to use the lock buttons in the car. The electronic lock button locks all the doors but the front passenger door. My sunroof makes a horrible grinding noise when I try to use it.

I also have weird problem where my weather stripping around the front and rear windshield are pulling away from the glass. My clear-coat is starting to wear off of the roof and the trunk lid.

It is a shame that these beautiful cars have so many problems. It is costing me a fortune to maintain.

24th Oct 2009, 09:39

Bouzer58@msn.com... Go to The Aurora Club of North America at http://aurorah.proboards.com/index.cgi

There are people there who are experts about this car. They'll be able to answer your question.

3rd Dec 2009, 00:35

I recently bought a 96 Aurora with 160,000 k miles on it for $1800. The car was very well maintained and only had one owner. So far I am very impressed with this car. The previous owners said that they replaced the radiator, alternator, brakes, and a battery - all very normal for a car this old. The only problems the car has is a very small oil leak, and the whether stripping is coming up in some spots. The car is incredibly complex and it quickly becomes apparent that it is expensive to repair. However, I believe that overall it is an excellent vehicle if well maintained.

22nd Dec 2009, 22:59

I think I am an exception to the rule. I bought a 98 4 years ago with 65K for 6500. I have probably put that much into it again throughout the years. But I love this car, and every time a repair rears its ugly head, I say it is worth it.

Tomorrow I am forking over 800+ for new air suspension because of leaks and something going on in front wheels. The mechanic says it is not a problem right now, and it passed inspection, but it is Christmas, and if replacing the suspension brings it back to that smooth glide, it's a fair present indeed.

A few months ago I paid 800 to get rid of rust, because I thought that if I left it, I would have only one year with the car, and I am not ready to give up on it yet.

All told, my investment is still way less than any car with a comparable ride.

12th Sep 2010, 23:32

I have a 1998 and I love my car!

I got it about a year ago for 500$ and it was a steal. I have had to put some money in it, but hey, I got it for 500. I put plugs wires struts shocks strut mounts mass air flow sensor.

I am looking for parts for my car like hood bumper a couple other parts.

Also I have the same problem with my 1998 with the tranny code that a lot of you do. Also it must be a bad sensor they used.