15th Oct 2005, 18:31

I purchased a 1999 Bravada in 2002 with 33k miles. Everything was fine for about 12 mos, then my left wheel bearing broke, a few weeks later the right. I thought that was the end of my troubles, but then my alt. broke. Fixed that, then my automatic driver side window broke, fixed that. Thinking my problems were over, the transmission all of a sudden started shifting extremely hard and my check engine light came on. I limped the truck home and let is set for two days, somehow, the transmission issue cured itself, but I lost most of the power. After a week the engine regained its power, but sometimes feels like I'm dragging something. Now, when I try to turn, the truck shudders violently like something is binding up. I'm at a loss. What a piece of garbage this vehicle is. No wonder there was only a 36k mile warranty. Everyone I've ever talked to about this truck just nods their head and recalls similar stories from other Bravada owners, then state: get rid of it.

18th Feb 2010, 21:50

I also own a 1999 Bravada that was bought brand new in 2000. I've had numerous problems.

Besides the peeling luggage rack, now I have the plastic molding on the outside of the driver's window that is popping off.

My rear window wiper doesn't work properly. I've had my car just stop running while I was on the highway (I had a car full of middle school age cheerleaders with me at the time). I've also had smoke come up through my gear shift - dealership couldn't find anything wrong.

I had the "shudder problem" - that problem only took about 12 trips to the dealership to diagnose. And then it was another dealership that told me what the problem was, and sent me back to my dealership with paperwork in hand concerning the recall - what a joke.

My "check gauge lights" come on continuously, and the dealership finds nothing wrong with it.

My car had what I thought was an low idle. The dealership replaced my spark wires, plugs and distributor cap, and it was done to spec so there wasn't anything else they could do - it turned out to be bad motor mounts causing the "rough idle". Of course my fuel injectors have also been replaced.

Today, my husband replaced the battery - he started it, and everything appeared to be OK. A couple hours later I went to go to the store - I turned on the car and ALL the interior lights (dome, map, etc) came on and stayed on. We finally pulled the fuse (for the interior lights) and disconnected the battery until we can get it into the auto shop (not dealership) tomorrow. If anyone has any ideas or has had this issue, please post something before I sink more money into this money pit.

I've kept everyone of my receipts for work done on my car - it's over an inch thick. Oh, by the way it only has 81,000 miles on it!

24th Sep 2010, 10:30

We purchased a 1999 Bravada used with 70,000 miles. The auto was in very good shape physically, and we were told by the dealer that the motor and the transmission were in very good shape also.

About a week after getting it, we noticed that every time we turned a corner, it would jerk like the four wheel drive was engaging, and the tires were pulling against one another. We immediately went back to the dealer, and were told that it was just because we turned too tight.

Now the auto is shifting very hard. We took it to a well known transmission chain, and they told us it was the shift solenoid and replaced it for $600. It still shifted very hard. We have taken it back four times, and they tell us they can't get it to do it. We get in it to drive home, and within a mile it starts doing it again. We have fixed wheel bearings, all four wheels, brakes and drums, air conditioning system, alternator, battery, door hinges in addition to this tranny problem that no one can seem to fix.

GM needs to do a better job standing behind these vehicles, as the particular model has too many transmission problems, and they seem to be the same problem with everyone's. Too bad, because it is a very beautiful car, but what I would call a looker, because you can't drive it without huge repair bills.

12th Sep 2015, 19:17

I bought the 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada because it was a cheap used vehicle at 130,000 miles on it (1800.00). I took it for a test ride. It ran great and drove like it needed shocks and the tires were very bad.

A few days later I started having my problems. Had all the shocks, ball joints, tie rods and driver's door pins fixed. Then replaced all 4 tires. Now it handles great (1300.00 + 340.00 new tires. Can't do just one).

Then I had water leaking and saw all the stop leak build up in the overflow tank. Cleaned out the tank and then started with the major repairs.

First off the head gasket, water pump and heater/AC actuator motor, A/C pump, tension pulley needed replacing (2800.00).

Now the transmission. It was hard shifting, had a stutter and the RPM gauge would fluctuate a lot at 40mph, and at other speeds only a little.

Had a friend fix - all shifting solenoids, added an oil cooler, changed filter and fluid in the transmission. That fixed the hard shifting (300.00).

Then he changed the torque converter and that stopped the stuttering (370.00), but the RPM still goes up and down and any speed. I am thinking it's the transfer case motor and sensor. That will be 130.00 just for the part. Nothing left to fix in the tranny but the clutch plates and gears...

All said and done, my 1800.00 truck is now almost brand new at 5940.00 and it would have been more if I went to a tranny shop; they estimated the repairs at 2800.00.

I love the truck (SUV); just wish GM would have made it have a better transmission. I will have to keep this for a couple of years and will not get another Bravada.