1993 Oldsmobile Ciera S 3.3 V6 from North America


A lot of car for a little price


The starter had to be replaced when I first got it. It was making an annoying sound and I thought it was serious, but it only was the crankshaft pulley which cost me $400.

General Comments:

I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with this car. I have customized it with some chrome wiper blades and fog lights, and that really brought it out. I also have a custom sound system. When it comes to power my ciera is no corvette, but damn!! Accelerate quickly and you're already going 55mph! The engine power is the best thing about this car. The only thing I wish it had is the 4-speed automatic OD trans, other than that I love this car!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2005

22nd May 2006, 01:21

Re the crankshaft pulley:

I assume you're referring to the 3300 V6. On this engine, the pulley is the "harmonic balancer" type, which is a composite of steel and fairly dense rubber. The idea is that the rubber between the forward end of the crankshaft and the serpentine belt will help minimize vibration and allow the engine to run more smoothly.

Unsure what the standard life expectancy is on one of these. Mine was about 13 years old when it started to disintegrate in Chicago rush hour traffic. The engine clattered noisier than heck, and I assumed I was about to throw a connecting rod. Parts and labor in the city ran just over $400, but with that replaced the car runs nearly perfectly.

Anyone have any idea what (if any) kind of preventative maintenance can be done to keep the harmonic balancer from drying out/separating/blowing up the engine?

26th Aug 2018, 09:12

Spray Armor All all over it and then soak some rags and lay it on top for a few days so it really soaks in.

26th Aug 2018, 13:40

You could try spraying WD-40 (not ArmorAll, LOL) on it occasionally, but there really isn't any "preventative maintenance" for a harmonic balancer beyond ensuring that the crankshaft seal is not leaking. Oil getting past a bad seal can get on the rubber part of the balancer, causing it to soften and shortening its life.

28th Aug 2018, 11:52

Armor All is not a product I keep anywhere near my cars. People often randomly buy any dressing or additives. Put squeak eliminator on drive belts for a short term cure and makes it worse. I would rather correct the problem properly. Some silicone based products accelerate tire dry rot. Also fog the interior. A greasy look isn’t for me. Cars are a considerable investment; it's best to use care. Take it to a shop and have it corrected properly.

1993 Oldsmobile Ciera 3.3L from North America


Bargain Price, So-Far Reasonably Reliable


Hesitant at take-off.

Normal replacement of brake pads & rotor's.

Sun roof leaks badly.

Has a distinct vibration driving on any road at any speed (espesially in over-drive)

Engine runs roughly.

Have to keep a half tank of gas in it or it will stall & sputter.

Burns an excessive amount of gas.

A part of the driver seat that's attached to the rails cracked.

General Comments:

Good car for the money spent. It gets me back and forth to work and it hasn't stranded me yet.

Motor and transmission hasn't let me down so far. It has a very powerful engine and runs well only for the fact it runs rough.

We have very cold winters and I haven't had to plug in the block heater yet, it always starts perfectly with no cold knocking.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005

1993 Oldsmobile Ciera S 3.3 V6 from North America


The brake rotors and brakes wore out once.

The car needed new rear shocks.

The muffler was replaced.

The ash tray light burned out.

General Comments:

This car is unbelievably reliable. For a 12 year old car, I feel like it will never let me down. Nothing really "broke" on it. The only time it left me stranded was when the battery died.

This car, with the V6, is very quick in accelerating for its class due to its relatively high torque.

This car will cruise down the highway perfectly straight, and is super easy to drive.

There is very little rust.

This car is worth so much more than the bluebook value.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2005