9th Aug 2011, 14:37

Grampa bought it new, and I got her just this year. 1985 Olds Cutlass Ciera Hess & Earnhardt convertible. Never saw another one. Have the original dealer brochure etc, but it doesn't even mention how to order one. I would really appreciate any info from coach builders, and especially the Florida outfit that bought the parts. My car is 100% rust free with 47k miles, but I need a few little items, and I can't find anything on the web or at shows!

THANKS, Steve.

12th Nov 2011, 06:50

I live in WPB Florida, and own a 1985 Cutlass Convertible also with the 231 or 3.8 MPFI V6, the car shows 51K and I am the second owner. My email is plm1057@bellsouth.net

31st May 2012, 18:05

I own a 85 Ciera Indy 500 convertible as well. It has only 17K original and is in great condition. I took it for a cruise around the Indy Speedway the night before the 500, and got a lot of positive comments. I have pictures of it in the 1985 500 parade from the original owner as well. It has the 4 cylinder Iron Duke engine. How many others are out there? It would be great to hear from you.

4th Jan 2014, 19:07

I also have one of the 1985 Indy 500 Festival Cieras. Mine has 28K original miles and looks like new inside, outside, and underneath. Though loaded with most options, it too only has the 4 cylinder Iron Duke. I'm trying to find out if they originally had any Pace Car graphics on the doors. Mine does not, only the Indy badges on the fenders and the red stripes on the side. But I know the Oldsmobile windshield graphic was removed sometime by a previous owner, so I'm not sure about the door graphics.

If anyone out there has vintage pictures from the 1985 Parade that show the doors, I'd love to see them. All the ones I've found online and in the Indy yearbook either show a front view or have the door covered by the Mickey Mouse Grand Marshall sign. I'd also like to find out who used my exact car. I can be reached at jimsmithbauer@yahoo.com if you have anything to share.

14th Jan 2014, 09:13

I am the owner of a 88 Cadillac Deville Convertible, which was converted by Car Craft of Lima OH. I have a broken convertible top latch, which I'm trying to replace. A few years back I found one of original owners of the company, and if I remember correctly, he said the latches were made by Hess and Eisenhardt. I have had no luck on tracking any info to help locate a replacement by this company or any other company. Any ideas? Can respond to me via: sjcatal@yahoo.com.

21st Mar 2014, 19:36

I would like to find a trustworthy authority who can honestly & accurately tell me how many 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Convertibles were actually made?

I have a friend who ordered one in 1984 and it cost him over $21,000. He was told in 1998 by Oldsmobile that there was only 3 made. I have another friend who said in his research that about 600 were made, and that there are about 540 estimated ones around.

Someone help me with the truth!!! Thanks, Daniel.

22nd Mar 2014, 14:32

I imagine Olds only made a few from the factory, and the rest were special-order conversions from the dealerships and/or coach companies. Just a semi-educated guess.

23rd Apr 2015, 14:38

This is the place that bought all the spare parts from H&R.