1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 307 Olds V8 from North America


Classic station wagon


I do all my own maintenance on this car.

Replaced the starter.

Replaced the alternator due to bad bearings.

Replaced the intake gasket due to coolant leakage.

Replaced the ignition coil - the windings in the old coil were weak.

Rebuilt the carb - needed new throttle shaft bushings, so I overhauled the carb while I had it off.

Replaced the all four springs - front springs were sagging, one rear coil cracked.

General Comments:

I love this car. It has been fairly good to me so far. The previous owners did not look after it that well, so a lot of the work I did was to fix their problems.

The car has an excellent body, but the paint is terrible. I am going to have it painted in the spring.

Overall, very reliable. It has never left me on the side of the road. Pretty economical for its size. I average well over 20 MPG. I can get over 600 km's on a tank of fuel.

The car rides very nice, and handles like a typical boat. The emergency handling is very good though.

Very roomy, lots of head and leg room. I am 6'4" and this is one of the few cars I am comfortable in. Lots of cargo room, couldn't own a car with a trunk anymore, they're all too small!

Power is okay. If you know how to use the little power you have the car is fine. No rocket by any means! It is geared too fast (2.93 rears, 0.67 Overdrive), but it does cruise at high speed very well and economically. Hills are not good for this car. I'd like to put a 403 Olds in the car eventually.

Tranny is a weak point. I change my fluid yearly, but it is too light for a car of its size. This tranny is original though, no work done to it so far.

I over maintain this car, and it has given very little trouble. As I stated, most of the trouble I have had was from the previous owner's abuse. But considering a typical 12 year old car, it is way above average. I am slowly improving it as time goes on.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2001

21st Jan 2004, 22:39

Putting a 403 Oldsmobile engine in it is a good idea. I put one in my caprice wagon, it ran very nicely until the car got totaled in an accident. I had the original 2.92 rear gears replaced with 3.73 gears before the engine swap. The low gears worked well with the 307 engine, but were too low with all the torque of the 403.

1978 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Station Wagon 350 V8 from North America


Transmission, interior/exterior trim falling off, rust.

General Comments:

Will probably last forever.

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Review Date: 14th November, 1999

21st Sep 2006, 14:04

The "Custom Cruiser" the first commenter referred to is/was actually called the Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser. That model was based on the Chevy Malibu Wagon. The (full size) Olds Custom Cruiser was based on the Chevy Caprice & Impala wagons, Buick Electra Estate Wagon, Pontiac Parisienne Safari wagon, etc.

Just wanted to politely clear that up.

27th Nov 2006, 12:32

I currently own a 1979 Cutlass Wagon. I've been driving it since 1979 and only replaced the motor after 300,000 miles because I had some extra cash. The 400 metric trans had to be rebuilt after 150,000 miles. That didn't last long and I put a rebuilt 350 TH and have had no problems since. I have an ongoing problem with rust on the doors and rear lower quarter panel. I have always trusted my car to take me anywhere and wish I could buy another new one.