1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Top of the line 307cu from North America


Great people hauling sled for the quirky eccentric


Alternator replaced

Block heater replaced

Distributor cap and rotor replaced

Sparkplugs replaced.

General Comments:

This car is a great hauler with lots of nooks and crannies to hide things.

8 passenger comfort.

Handling is like jumping around in a bowl of jello. I'm going to try to spruce this up with some 9C1 suspension upgrades.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2003

1979 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser from North America


Demolition Derby Contender


The driver side floorboard is starting to rust though. Replaced broken horn with a air compressor horn...HONK!

Repaired small leak in radiator with leak sealer goop.

Headliner gone. Taped the cracked, brittle steering wheel with silver duct tape... looks space age now.

The rear station wagon door window doesn't go down (half inch). The broken window rubber has allowed rain to rust the motor or gears is my guess. I'll try to fix with liquid wrench and then apply grease.

Replaced rotors immediately, pretty cheap fix of $70.00. The interior is filthy and smells of old man. Seats are covered with sofa cushion covers.

The springs need to be replaced soon.

The car is three tone...brown, light brown, and gray duct tape where the previous owner covered Bondo on the bottom of both rocker panels.

AC belt is off.. not spending a dime on that. Probably need coolant too.

General Comments:

This car is rough, but still runs good for 150K.

The car has a huge gas guzzling 403 in it. All electric seats, windows, locks, cruise control, 8-track works great!

I bought it mainly for hauling drywall, bags of cement, or other rehab materials. Starts after the second or third turn of the key. Oxygen sensor needs to be replaced as well as the vacuum tubes. I've already driven it close to 1000 miles... not bad for $250.00 car (including rotor work).

Good for Chicago, I don't care if someone lights it on fire and drives it in Lake Michigan.

Transmission is fairly new and shifts great. This is a good beater, but I'm currently looking for a great beater Volvo Wagon... they last forever.

I'll either sell this or put it in a demo derby.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2002

22nd Nov 2004, 06:21

Try to get Xzibit and the thugs from West Coast Customs to pimp your ride! I'm sure that a plasma t.v. and Geovanna rims will turn this decrepit beater into a head turner.

20th Jul 2008, 15:21

Forget the Volvo, I've had one and know a guy who owned several of these swedish stations, they're quite strong, but let that poor 4 cylinder suffer and it dies... 240 series will rust the doors and rocker panels off...

1984 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 307 V8 from North America


Solid American machine


Nothing, the car is rock solid and in perfect shape.

Everything still works as original including the clock!

General Comments:

Kept under a standard maintenance plan, this vehicle will still be on the road when many other made today are in junk yards.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2001

14th Nov 2002, 09:55

I really like this car also, it has massive power and plenty of low end torque. It might use a little gas, but it's worth it.

14th Sep 2004, 12:48

I just bought one of these to run in a Demolition Derby here in Phoenix AZ. It is such a strong runner I am having second thoughts about the dirty deed.

10th Jul 2005, 11:20

I also currently own a 1984 Olds Custom Cruiser; paid $75.00 for it last year because a buddy had to remove it from his yard. Has 38,000 thousand actual miles,307 V8 4bbl, and is loaded like a Caddy on options. Just pump the gas pedal twice when cold-starting and it fires right up- unusual for a 21 year old Quadrajet carb! However, the car needs a new transmission, as my aformentioned buddy fried it doing "neutral drops" while drunk one night. Now that I own the car, that and some other age-related issues will be addressed soon, as I only intend to use it for a part-time play toy. An incredibly original car, and I'm glad to own it, instead of it going to the junkyard or a demo-derby!

29th Jul 2017, 14:55

"...instead of it going to the junkyard or a demo-derby!"

Which, sadly, is where it probably ended up anyway...