1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon Rocket 350 from North America


I consider this Cutlass Salon to be my "Buddy"


The only time I was left stranded by the road was when the timing chain broke at 110,000 miles. My car was from Florida, and the hot sun's rays did a number on the interior. There was never any rust on the car, but a cheap paint job was done only on the roof and trunk lid at some point, probably as an attempt to fix sun damage, and this substandard refinishing is showing it's defects as time goes on.

General Comments:

I found this fine automobile for sale along the road at a mobile home dealership in 1988 while I was home on leave from the military. I needed a good, solid, comfortable car to make anticipated trips from VA to PA on my off weekends. It had only let me down one time with a broken timing chain, and that's the only big problem I ever had with the car. I garaged the Cutlass in 1990 when I bought an Oldsmobile 98. The Cutlass is still in my garage as I write this, and is started and driven around my neighborhood periodically to keep it fresh. I am seriously considering putting insurance and license back on this Horizon Blue Cutlass Salon, and going to show it at some local Cruise-ins this summer, plus also use it for weekend drives with my family.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2007

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe 350 V8 from North America


Definitely a Keeper!


Transmission went out around 120,000 and the car would only drive in reverse.

Radiator was leaking and replaced around 125,000.

Brakes and master cylinder blew out at 130,000.

The swivel seats are marvelous, but the seatbelt rubs the vinyl of the seat causing it to tear, so I had that fixed last summer.

Heater core on the verge of going out currently at 136,000 and is soon to be replaced.

General Comments:

My grandpa bought this 2-door sporty car brand new in 1975. It was passed onto me for my 16th birthday and I've been in love with my "Banana Boat" ever since. Hard to believe this was considered sporty at some time since it has a door span of 3 parking spaces!

The swivel seats are definitely a highlight for most passengers. I love driving it around and having people who know about cars stop me to ask me about it. It amazes me how many people have asked if I'd be willing to sell it.

My only major complaint, especially being a poor high school and college student while owning this car is that it's a gas guzzler! Usually gets about 17 mpg! But its got a super huge gas tank to make up for it.

This one is definitely a keeper!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

13th Jul 2004, 11:43

What colors is it specifically? What kind of vinyl top does it have? It it a fastback or notchback? Does it have triangular or rectangular quarter windows? I have a 75 Cut Supreme, Metal flake red with white top, notchback, rectangular slot quarter windows. Red velour interior with front split bench seat with armrest.

13th Apr 2007, 02:18

I got a 75 Cutlass Supreme with the big block 455. Green, 2 door, notch back with triangle quarter windows, turbo 400 automatic transmission that I had rebuilt with a shift kit.

Also have had to replace the heater core, power steering worm gear, shocks struts and brakes (but not the master cylinder), exhaust (originally single with catalytic converter...that's gone, but in its place is dual exhaust with high performance mufflers) all new four barrel carburator and ignition system, and some new steering column parts. My seats are still in good shape and swivelling! Gotta love that!

First got mine with about 22,000 original miles! Now she's up to 71,000... want to retire to a garage for a engine rebuild. Gotta save up tho first! I hope to get all high performance parts, cam shaft, pistons etc. and bore it out another 30. Then I want to top it off with a Holley tune port fuel injection and a turbo charger!!! Probably should get posy-track too. :)

I love my car. It's the best car in the world... because it's mine! People have asked what year because they've had a similar Cutlass in the past. One time I pulled into a parking lot and totally by dumb luck chance parked next to a matching Cutlass, only in way nicer body condition (mines got a few scratches and some rear passenger side damage). I was totally stoked to see that! Always fun to see a close match!

Have fun!