1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4.3L diesel from North America


Absolutely superb!!

General Comments:

Great car! The V-6 diesel engine is a great engine. Superb gas mileage. I have average 34MPG in city driving. Starts right up every time.

I get a lot of looks when driving it, and especially when people find out it is diesel. You don't many of these left.

Treated properly and cared for, these Olds diesel engines will last forever.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2011

1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass 350 Overdrive from North America


My Favorite Muscle Car

General Comments:

People may not see it, but 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme Broughams are a muscle car.

Very nice to drive. Is basically a metal block on wheels.

Intimidating and very eye catching.

Just add cherry bombs as your exhaust and you have a car that will catch attention.

These cars go though mud like a boat goes through water... If that makes sense.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2006

13th Sep 2006, 22:32

Yes, yes, the Cutlass Supreme is a Muscle Car and the Toyota

Prius is an exotic Sports Car!!!

(Did I mention that my Jeep Wrangler rides like a Maybach & has the acceleration of a Dodge Viper?)

14th Sep 2006, 08:07

"My Favorite Muscle Car"

- With a 455, yes!

14th Sep 2006, 12:04

Also, 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme Broughams are very open for custom wiring and speaker cords.

Not only that, but there is plenty of room to take out the factory speakers in the rear window and put in something decent. The factory deck can easily be ripped out for anyone worried about working space and whatnot.

Since we are talking about a car from 1983, and since it's a car from Oldsmobile, you can expect everything to be durable.

If you see one of these cars for sale, give it a look. Trust me. They're great for paved road cruisin', dirt road baggin, and mud hole swampin'.

Just look at this beautiful '83.


1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham 307 from North America


Best car ever made


Carburator went out, so I switched to a 76 model carb to get rid of all the computer stuff.

Gas tank has a crack in it. Barely drips.

Oil pan leaks a bit.

Transmission leaks.

Paint is worn out in a few spots.

General Comments:

Best riding car I ever sat in.

Been in 3 ditches and you can't even tell.

Built to last.

Love the car.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham 307 from North America


Great car and very reliable


The speedometer and odometer didn't work. They both quit at 193,000 miles.

I replaced the heater core for those cold Wisconsin winters.

The back wheel cylinder and rear brake lines had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I love this car.

I bought it for $900 and definitely got my use out of it.

It probably has close to 300,000 miles on it.

Gas mileage is bad, but it is not fuel injected and has no overdrive.

The 4 barrel makes it fast for its size.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2005

1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais 3.8 from North America


Amazing First Car


The motor blew at 117,000 miles. I wasn't even pushing it hard... had just bought the car two months ago when I was learning to drive. Still don't know what happened.

Bought with fist sized hole in trunk, now 3 fist sized.

Now at about 130,000 miles with a new engine - 5.7L 350. Frame starting to crack.

Anyone looking to buy one of these BEWARE. Rusts extremely badly at rear body mounts, trunk, tire wells, and bottom of doors.

General Comments:

The car is extremely easy to make into your own first little hot-rod.

Extremely good styling if you like 80's cars.

Extremely easy to hook almost ANY motor up to it. (Replaced my 3.8 with a '79 olds 5.7 V8 on stock motor mounts).

Handles decent, but with 3.73's the car picks up and pushes this beast quickly

. But they suck for the highway.

Interior is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. I would be comfortable driving this car across country.

I would reccomend this car to ANYONE.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2003

1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.8 V6 from North America


Cheap Luxury Car


Nothing yet. I spent a lot of money to get it road worthy. New brakes, shocks, motor mounts, belts, hoses, ball joints and a few electrical repairs. A/C needs seals and a charge, but I am going to wait on that. Interior is nice. Roomy and comfortable. Car would not have looked any better if it had sat on the show room floor for 20 years! A lot of people don't believe it's 20 years old.

General Comments:

I bought this to use as a "beater" or "bar car". Turns out I like it so much that I drive it more than my 2000 Dakota Quad Cab. I am very pleased with the performance of the V-6. It will cruise all day long at 75-80 MPH on the interstates with the cruise control with no effort. No ball of fire off the line, but still more than adequate for my purposes.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

20th Apr 2004, 11:21

I own an 1983 olds cutlass with a 307 and they are worth the money for sure!

19th Sep 2004, 19:43

I own an 1985 Olds. Cutlass Supreme. I've have it for about a month now. It's has a V-8 307 Engine 92,000+ miles, brand new paint (Cream/Burgundy interior) ALL original too. I've been looking for this car for a LONG time, it's seems like everyone who owns a 84-88 Cutlass is either not selling it or it's just in too bad of a condition to buy. This is my 1st car, and I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. I wish I could post a Pic!


30th Sep 2004, 21:55

I was given a 1983 Cutlass Supreme V-6 with 171,000 miles upon it. An engine rebuild at 90,000. It needs a paint job real bad, but runs VERY well. Knock on wood, I have had no problems that would make the vehicle unroad worthy. Best free car anyone could receive.

Kingsley Kona, Hawaii.

5th Sep 2008, 01:28

I got a 1983 Cutlass Supreme about 8 months ago, it has 79,000 miles on it. It was sold to us for 400.00.

I love driving this car, it runs better and smoother than our Grand Prix!

We recently bought a Durango with 3 seats because we have three daughters. We were trying to sell the Cutlass to pay for some of the loan on the Durango, but think I have changed my mind - I use any excuse I can to drive that car with no insurance!

I think we might keep that for a backup car, and also a project, even though it's pretty much perfect already all original! I love it!

7th Nov 2010, 20:25

I have an '83 Cutlass Supreme that I acquired a few years ago. It has the 4.3L V-6 diesel engine. The car is in excellent condition and runs like a top. I avg 34MPG in the city and 38/39 on the highway. This is the third Cutlass I have owned. Have loved every one of them. Always reliable, and if they did need service, always easy to get parts and fix. The diesel has not given me one bit of trouble, and I love the looks I get when people hear it. I have even had a couple of guys tell me I needed to check the oil!