1st Aug 2001, 11:05

Be wary of people who call this car "reliable." Die-hard GM owners with similar problems find their cars "reliable," too!

27th Nov 2001, 20:39

I have had few and far between problems with my Cutlass Supreme.

My first question, did you talk with a "REAL MECHANIC" before buying your car. My mechanic is one of the best in the business, and a close family friend. He told me under no circumstances to buy the 3.4L model! That engine I can tell you is JUNK!

I can also guess that your complaints about inferior craftsmanship about the interior may be the result of carelessness or abuse. I take very good care of my car and don't have any problems with it... except with the "FAMOUS GM ALTERNATOR PROBLEM."

My old man bought a new 97 GMC Suburban and doesn't have 10,000 miles on it. I think it had an alternator problem too. I will say there are some junk American cars, but this isn't one of them.

As far as the rotors are concerned, my neighbor has an Olds 88 and the rotors go on that, something in the brakes causes them to warp, so they should be REPLACED FREE, whether or not on WARRANTY! If you went and found a good 2 dr 3.1L Cutlass Supreme, I think you may revise your statements.

10th Dec 2001, 15:03

First of all, if you believe what a dealer tells you, that's your biggest problem.

Secondly, any car that is treated badly will become a piece of junk.

31st Jul 2002, 10:24

My question too you is if you treated this car badly, then you get a car that runs poorly. I'm sorry that you have had so many problems, but maybe it was a lemon.

4th Mar 2003, 10:37

I just bought a 1996 Cutlass Supreme SL with a 3.4L v6 automatic transmission. It now has 80,000 miles on it and when I bought it one day after my 18th birthday, I did not realize the infamous gas gage problem. It goes down then back up when I turn corners, or when I am sitting still, the gage goes down. The dealer claimed to have fixed the problem by putting in a new air pump for the electronic recirculation of the gas fumes in the tank to operate, but it is still wobbly. Along with this problem, the Service Engine Soon light comes on if I have less that a half tank of gas, my guess is that it is due to this problem. I recently encountered my first refusal to start from this car, but let it sit for an hour and it started up like a charm.

That's all from me, but if you have any clue what is wrong with this car or any ideas on how to fix it, e-mail me at r.nevins6@verizon.net.

Thanks to all.

28th Mar 2003, 10:28

My 96 cutlass ls 3.1L was missing rather badly, so when I went to change the spark plugs, I was told AC Delco was the best for this particular engine. Cheap plug wires caused one heck of a miss, so buy high dollar plugs and wires and that may fix a miss. I believe that the car goes through brakes, rotors, struts, and shocks way to fast.

Any?s or comments email me at darty_4_job_03@yahoo.com.

16th Jun 2003, 13:39

My 95 cutlass is in pretty good shape. However, it has started to stutter when I push the gas pedal and the two front power windows don't work. Has anyone else had this problem or know what it wrong? If so please reply.

18th Dec 2004, 12:23

I have a 1995 cutlass supreme with the 3.1 V6. My service engine soon light comes on because of the EGR valve... which I have no money to replace. My fuel gauge is also jumpy and my rotors had to be replaced when I bought it, they have become worn and squeeky again by the way. My noisy power steering gets on my nerves and the struts or shocks are noisy on bumps. This is my first car and I'm really interested in fixing things up and increasing horsepower. I already have a k&n filter charger, synthetic oil, and performance spark plugs that I haven't put in yet (the whole back three spark plug thing.) My tranny is also messed up from a solenoid I think. It has 154,000 miles and the engine still runs great and has plenty of power. I will replace the engine with a supercharged 3800 or slap in a supercharger on my current engine eventually. Any advice on anything mentioned above would be appreciated.

3rd Jul 2008, 19:56

I owned a 93 Cutlass Supreme and overall it had a good life. Got it with 120k miles and retired it with 188k miles. Bought it for $700.

The only major repair that was made on the car was to fix the power steering hose and pump which was about $350 and other than regular maintenance, that was about it.

The timing chain went out which I had someone fix it but I'm not too sure they knew what they were doing. Immediately after I got the car back, the sound of the car came from quiet and smooth to ragged and loud, and it was VERY jumpy. Breaks barely worked as well, so I sold it to those people who buy junk cars.

Overall, they are reliable cars and are comfortable.

Getting a 96 Cutlass next week. Can't wait!

14th Jul 2010, 20:47

My husband bought a 1996 Cutlass Supreme in March 2010 at an auction for less than $1,500 - seemed like it would be okay for a get around in car, and I guess it has been; but there are quirky things that happen all the time. The funniest thing of all is the sunroof won't close! I've read other internet posts about this too. As a temporary fix, hubby put a couple of green plastic bags on top of it; he taped it down real good, and honestly, that does keep the rain out! Now he is trying to fix it for good by removing the screws, but that hasn't worked, so he put the bags back!

Getting that sunroof fixed for good will cost several hundred extra dollars, which are a bit scarce at the moment; but the bags gives us a good laugh!! The car had 140,000+ miles on it. The car has nice pickup for sure, but as I said, there are some quirky things!