14th Nov 2002, 05:56

Hi. First of all I want to tell you that I own a 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 3.4L, V6, 24 valve DOHC.. Man this thing runs fast.. This thing can easily beat a Honda in my opinion.. Well my email is jojo_ca@hotmail.com in case you want to chat about our Cutlass Supremes.. Oh mine is a 4 door sedan...

4th Jan 2006, 17:54

Well I have 161,000 miles on mine now and it runs good. The ABS problem could be the relay because I just replaced mine. My son drives it 300 miles to college and still going strong. Wheel bearings will go bad about 115,000 miles or so, but I make all my own repairs so no biggie. Interior trim easy to fix your self. I have the 94 SL 2-door in GM bright red with dark gray interior. My email is: oreo615@hotmail.com if you need any info on these cars...

3rd May 2006, 11:58

I just purchased my 94 cutlass supreme convertible.. (white with black leather.) WOW this is a sexy car. I think if this car was a person, I think it would get more a$$ than a toilet seat! Anyway, very comfortable drive, but I do need some brake work. Had it for a week, in love with it (except for the gas mileage). SO HOT!

18th Jun 2006, 21:38

Maybe you're talking about another car because you could not be saying these things about a Cutlass Supreme. It's a very reliable car, and runs great. It is also sharp looking. Get your head straight buddy.

22nd Jun 2006, 17:46

I also have a 94 cutlass supreme (4 door). Bought when it was new and so far a few minor problems. About 8 years ago the alternator went out. A few years later the a/c went out. Sense then I have had some problem with the engine running hot as with the fans working properly. Other than that its been a great car. Have also had some problem with the trim on the inside, but no big.

5th Jul 2006, 23:32

I have also have a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL DOHC 24 valve. The car has 200,000 miles on it, and still runs like a champ. This car does well, has passed the speed meter which read 120. I haven't had any problems other than the air conditioner needs to be recharged a lot (gas mileage isn't the best).

25th Jun 2007, 22:31

Yeah, I have also have a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL DOHC 24 valve... man does this car run.. keeps up with a regular Camaro... it's white with black leather seats.. perfect condition.

18th Apr 2008, 12:12

Actually... last I checked this was one of the best years for this car. Come 95 it went down down down... I have had my car for three years. Got it with 70,000 on it... Now has a 153,000 have had now major problems with it... My interior, looks brand new. I had to re-do the arm rest, but other than that its mint... Very very slight wear on my leather but normal... Transmission fourth gear is slipping but that's from the previous owner. Big deal, getting a new one in within the next to weeks... Other than that this car still hauls it...

6th Oct 2010, 17:51

You can tilt the seats back! Set to your comfort standards.