6th Jan 2004, 23:53

Small FM radio radius can be traced to the antenna connection in the right footwell. Peel the carpeting back and plug the wires back together. For some reason GM made the connection here, instead of higher up and behind the glovebox. I also read an review indicating this as one of the "trouble spots" on the car. It advises that because of the way the antenna wire is routed, passengers can accidentally disconnect the antenna cable with there foot. I added a 6 disc CD changer in the truck that works off of FM frequency and had to splice into the antenna. Then I taped it together with electrical tape.

1st Apr 2004, 20:15

Sorry to hear the reviewer is saddled with this lemon, but was at least glad to know that someone else was having the same experience. I've had the same problems with my horn as well as the fan speed switch. The ABS light intermittently appears for no good reason (as stated in another review). Oldsmobile must have a valve somewhere in the engine compartment that sprays fuel directly on the pavement because the engine size (and poor mileage) doesn't translate to power. I inherited my car and I'm dumping it as soon as possible.

19th Apr 2004, 15:38

I just wanted to say that brake pads are something that needs to be replaced no matter what you drive. They are common upkeep of cars. If you drive a lot, you stop and go frequently and your brake pads wear. If you change your brake pads soon enough you will not warp your rotors which can become costly.

27th Oct 2004, 10:48

I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who has had these same problems with my vehicle.

I received my car from my Grandmother who is fanatical about upkeep. With only 30,000 miles on my car, I have also encountered many of the same problems, along with a few unique annoyances.

The most major annoyance has been a high-pitched whistle when I go over highway bridges. It is so loud, I have to roll up my windows and turn on the radio.

The brakes also squeak and squeal. I have already had my pads replaced and I couldn't believe the mechanic when he said that my rotors were worn and would need to be replaced at 25,000 miles.

Along with the annoying squeaks and whistles, is the loud air conditioner fan that turns off on low settings.

Again, I have owned several used cars. I didn't have major repairs until 80-90,000 miles. The next problem was the alternator light. I replaced the alternator and battery. Now I am curious to know if it was just the light and not the alternator -- well, $350 later...

Another light appeared. My radiator fluid light went on, next my engine light. I checked my radiator. Sure enough, it was low on antifreeze. I brought my vehicle in and the mechanic told me I may need an intake gasket replaced at $600. In addition, he said that my tires needed replaced and my serpentine belt was bad.

At this moment, I thought the mechanic was trying to pull a fast one. But now that I have read this survey. I am relieved to know that it wasn't my mechanic. I have a lemon. I have had more problems with this car than any other than I have owned.

Well, I guess I will be stocking up on the Dextrol antifreeze for the winter and spending my Christmas money on new tires, rotors, brake pads, and a new serpentine belt.

Well, honk fellow '99 Cutlass owners, if you hear my whistling, squealing, leaking, car coming your way!

Good luck.