1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88 4 door hard top 455 V8 rocket from North America


Great old Olds 88


Developed oil leak somewhere around 100,000 miles. I had to add a quart at every fillup.

Other than that, normal wear and tear.

Sadly, rust spelled the end for this lovely car, and had to be scrapped by the late 1980's.

General Comments:

I still miss this car. I bought it off my Dad in 1985, but was in our family for many years before that.

It was palomino ivory with matching vinyl roof, Lots of chrome trim everywhere, and massive chrome bumpers.

Options included power antenna, AM-FM wonderbar radio, cornering lights, 6 way power bench seat, vacuum operated trunk release and perhaps a couple of others.

May not sound like much these days, but for the time was pretty impressive.

Seats were soft cloth, and comfortable. The ride was soft and smooth.

Power steering was "finger touch"; you could turn the wheel with your little finger with no strain.

My favorite part was the engine, the 455 V8 was a monster. I'm not sure what the horsepower was, but this car could blow everything else off the road.

It was definitely a road cruiser, great on long trips.

The only thing bad about it was that it did not take corners well. But it sure had a great look to it.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010

30th May 2010, 20:20

"My favorite part was the engine, the 455 V8 was a monster. I'm not sure what the horsepower was, but this car could blow everything else off the road"

- 455 2 barrel: 310 HP. 455 4 barrel: 365 HP. 455 W-33: 390 HP. Those are advertised, not actual figures.

17th Oct 2012, 05:42

I have recently purchased a 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 from a friend of a friend. It is a four door, and it is dark green with a black vinyl roof. I plan to take it out once summer arrives, I only purchased this car one month ago. However, when I was seventeen I saw a 1967 Oldsmobile for sale, and this was back in 1987, and since then I have regretted not buying it. Eventually, I purchased a 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass in 1990, however only had it one year due to having to move to England.

I still live in England, even though I was raised in the United States. I will definitely get strange looks riding this beautiful beast around a country where the roads are so narrow. At the moment, I am lucky enough to live in a house that has a sufficiently large garage to store the car.

I think the 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88 is a very handsome car, and so is the 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88. There was also the Delmont 88 which was a cheaper version of the Delta 88, but it looked similar.

17th Oct 2012, 13:21

I had a dark blue 68 Olds Cutlass with the 350 V8. My mom had a white 67 Buick Special. And my dad had a dark green 1968 Buick LeSabre. All were great 2 door cars. Except for the LeSabre, the others ended being passed down a couple times through various family members.

These cars were simple and very reliable. The Buick Special was the most popular hand me down. Eventually they were all sold with very high mileage.

The styling on the 68 Olds Cutlass, especially the rear lights, was very sharp. I recently saw a convertible 68 Olds Cutlass and wished it were for sale!