1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal Brougham 350 V8 from North America


This car sucked. Also had a 79 LeSabre. That car was as bad, plus it had the 301 Pontiac engine


This car was so poorly made. The body rusted and the grey paint came off if you were mean to it through a car wash.

The handling was awful. The car handled in rain like a good car like a Town Car does in the snow.

The top of the door fell off.

The valves burnt.

The car got 7 miles to the gallon.

The trim fell off it.

The seat collapsed under a normal sized person.

The hood ornament flew off and broke the windshield.

The valve pedestal broke.

The windows were slow and went off track if you put them up going over 30 mph.

The car made clouds of blue oil smoke.

The distributor pick up failed.

The car was fast when running right, but was the worst handling car I ever had, and I drive full sized Lincolns usually.

This car fell apart. I traded it and never bought another GM car again.

General Comments:

If you must have an Olds, get a pre 1980 model. GM redesigned it in 80 and ruined the full sized cars. Or better yet, get a big Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or Chrysler.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2015

21st Feb 2015, 19:51

Bad gas mileage, burnt valves and smoking engine. Sounds like the EGR system was dirty and never cleaned. Olds and Pontiac built the better engines of this era, including the 301 that was in my '77 Grand Prix. Never gave me a day's trouble.

22nd Feb 2015, 01:18

"If you must have an Olds, get a pre 1980 model."

- Preferably one with a 455!

22nd Feb 2015, 22:15

Totally contrary to my experience with several early eighties Delta 88s, and with friend's experience with late seventies Delta 88s - all were excellent, durable cars.

24th Feb 2015, 20:04

Make mine a 70 442-455 Convertible. A Hurst Edition coupe would work!

24th Feb 2015, 21:01

How about a Starfire with a four cylinder instead?

1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Just a Delta 301 Pontiac from North America


If you can only have one car and you want to get where you're going, Delta 88!


Not much went wrong with it. When I bought it, I cleaned out the engine well, almost totally disassembled it. I replaced the trans with a rebuilt one, $468.00 installed. It did get a little ratty with all those miles. I had some exhaust work done on it, too. The headliner disintegrated at about 300,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car was the most reliable car I ever had. In all the years I had it, it cost me $1,200 total, including tires, the trans, and purchase price, which was $62.00! And, I was using it like a truck most of the time, towing some very heavy loads. You could drive the thing up and down curbs at 50 and it just shrugged it off. I can't say enough about this car. When I sold it, it still ran perfectly. Use Marvel Mystery Oil.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005

1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 5.7L from North America


Sweeeeeeeet!!!!! ; )


Timing chain & gears, differential had chewed up gears, heater core leak, distributor, all have been replaced.

General Comments:

This car kicks ass! 23 years old and still running great, needs body work, but the frame is in great shape cause I oil spray it before every winter. the 350 is pig on gas, but has that nice power and tone from the flowmaster exhaust.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

23rd Apr 2007, 14:46

Yes! At least someone else thinks this is a great car! After 27 years, still runs fantastic; only had to get the a/c fixed, besides oil changes for the past 27 years (and documentation to prove it!). Yes, the car uses a lot of fuel and has a fairly low top speed, but the 350 is meant for power. the 1980 version's transmission lasts forever, since it does not have overdrive, like the models from 1985-87. Beautiful car, fun to park, even more fun to complete a drivers test in, but I love it!

26th Apr 2007, 21:59

My grandfather just game me his old Olds and wow, do I love it, 1980 Olds Delta 88 royal. 92k original miles, interior is PERFECT, it's a tank man. Absolutely,Beautiful Car, Runs like a champ, had to change some part as with any old car with low miles, Sitting is the worst thing. Had to change some rusted out brake lines (which was easy by the way). And the a/c was giving me a little bit of trouble. A technician had told me a switch on the condenser are known to not allow the a/c pump clutch to engage. So it literally took a paperclip to fix it. Other than the minor things, I love this car!! I will have it for years!!