1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 3.8L V6 from North America


Lasts a long time, and will run hard and dependable for that long time


Transmittion started to slip about 200 miles ago, door panels are falling apart, "service engine soon" light constantly stays on, rust in the normal spots, muffler bit the dust 2000 miles ago, and today, the engine was making REALLY weird noises on the way to school, then on my way home, something blew. I abandoned it and got a ride home, and later tonight I'm having someone look at it.

General Comments:

I've read all the other posts, and it seems that everyone has their own thoughts, I agree for the most part with them all in general, good car with good performance, but just doesn't look that great. The guy who said everything goes out around 120,000 was right. I think with my car that was due to the oil not being changed for 20,000 miles. (moron who had the car before my family) I was hard on the car, really hard, and it held up really well, I took it mudding, down gravel roads that people said only a huge truck would make it down, I made it just find through mudding and the gravel road. When you get to know how to handle the car, in an empty parking lot, you can get it to spin around and do half shitties and be able to really move the car. I did illegal street racing with it, I beat a 99 grand prix, a 98 grand am, a 2001 Chevy s-10 and a 94 Ford Taurus SHO, so when I say the cars got some power, take my word for it, it does.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2002

6th Nov 2002, 22:41

I also own an 88 it is the best car I have ever had.

9th Feb 2003, 00:04

I am the guy who wrote the original post about this car. I have since determined the main factors as to why the engine gave way. When my family acquired the car, there was always a loud ticking in the engine. And to say ticking is even an understatement. First oil change that I had Penzoil give it, I think they put the wrong oil in. The Penzoil in my city has a great reputation of putting the wrong fluids in the wrong holes. The engine gave way 2 weeks after having it serviced there.

3rd Aug 2003, 19:59

1988 Delta 88.

We bought this car new in 11/87. There was one recall the steering would get stiff. We had that fixed. It was a silent recall and we ended up having to pay for it. Other than that the car has been a dream. It has it's original muffler and the engine has never given us a problem. I think we just lost the transmission at 296,000. miles, but after 17 years of service, with only minor repairs, I cannot complain at all. It has been a wonderful car. I will truly miss it. If you have an opportunity to purchase a 1988 delta 88 do it.

1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 3.8 V6 from North America


A long lasting roomy car that has excellent acceleration and has room for 6 passengers


The trannys are a little weak after 150,000 miles. If anyone made it to 200,000 on the original tranny world be almost a rare feat.

The door armrests break off easily.

Brakes wear out more frequently than some cars (depending where you live, E.G. mountains, ect.)

General Comments:

The 3800 V6 motor is one of the best V6's that the General ever built. The engine has decent low end torque, but tends to run out up in the higher RPM's. Overall, the motor gets good gas mileage (not too good when driving involves downshifting to first gear a lot). The motor is also very reliable and I took mine to 269,868 miles and it still ran when I took it out. It was just in need of a rebuild because it had no compression due to the high miles. I could have squeaked another 10,000 out of it if I wanted to. I was tired of it missing all of the time at an idle. A compression test showed that the compression on the #3 cylinder was 6 pounds at an idle.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2002