1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 3.8 from North America


An extremely comfortable, but powerful vehicle


The front end was replaced at about 300,000 KM.

Seats have lost a bit of their cushion.

Body started to show rust two years ago, but in past two years, has deteriorated fast.

The original exhaust pipe was welded back together - still has original exhaust system.

General Comments:

This has been a fantastic car. Other than the problem mentioned above, and minor things such as brakes and a PVC valve, nothing has gone wrong.

I've driven this car hard and long. Even at 130Km/Hour, I've managed over 700KM out of every tank of gas. I haven't bothered to change the oil on it in over a year, either.

A very comfortable car! A great deal when I bought it for $2,000.00. It's more than paid me back.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2002

9th May 2004, 04:39

You will find that even at 220km/h you will *still* get between 22 and 23mpg!

I have had my stock 1988 delta 88 3.8L V6 up to 245km/h with the exception of a higher grade of tire.

Totally amazing car!

1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 3.8L from North America


The perfect Grandma sleeper!


Nothing went wrong with the car until about 120K miles. Then a lot of things went wrong.

The alternator died, as did the starter, both minor and inexpensive. Then the water pump failed and leaked onto the sensor just below it, causing it to fail. Then the drive axle and wheel bearing on one side failed, followed by both lower ball joints. And now the transmission slips making the car immobile.

General Comments:

I think that this is a great car despite the problems. I drove it very hard, and pushed it with every turn. Nothing was more enjoyable then beating Mustangs when the light turned green. The engine provides more then enough power, and for a car it's size and weight it held it's own in the corners, with a large degree of body roll.

This is truly a Grandma sleeper. It can run with any car in it's class, and do so in a relative degree of comfort. This car should last even the worst driving conditions for at least 120,000 miles. After that it becomes a money pit.

All in all this has been a great family car, one with 80's class and power. If you can find one with lower miles, and for under $2000 buy it, and humiliate those Mustangs!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2000