21st Mar 2008, 11:32

High teens - wow that's really something to write home about.

Especially in these days of $3. plus per gallon fuel prices.

There's a reason why people have moved to more efficient vehicles. But I'm probably wasting my breath, I doubt that you'll be driving a Fit or a Prius anytime soon.

21st Mar 2008, 16:07

The comments are based on the fact that the reviewer claims that the car is "fun" to maneuver on "windy" (presumably meant "winding") roads. Anybody who has driven one of these heavy old American cars from the 60's-70's knows that this is ridiculous. Yeah, they are "smooth-riding" and "hug the road"-- as long as you are traveling in a straight line.

High unsprung weight = smoother ride but less impressive cornering and braking. Anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of car design would know that.

22nd Mar 2008, 15:01

The Oldsmobile is something a Fit or Prius will never be: A real car. Having driven a Prius on a test drive and sat in a Fit, I would never own one of those plastic pieces of junk. How many old American cars do you see still on the road versus foreign? When was the last time you saw a 1971 Toyota on the road? Not too recently. Let the guy enjoy his car!

22nd Mar 2008, 21:10

My brother in law came back down to earth when I pulled his junk 2005 Toyota Tundra home after it died on I-35 in Northern Missouri during an ice storm. And I pulled it home with a 1986 Ford F-250 4 x 4, a tough truck that actually deserves to be called a truck.

"I doubt that you'll be driving a Fit or a Prius anytime soon."

You hit the nail right on the head with that statement. I would rather die than stoop to that level. I would hate to get into an accident with anything bigger than a Honda Civic while driving one of those things. What would you do if a 5000 lb SUV clobbered you and your "5-star crumple zones" ran out of plastic to crumple?

I will drive a fuel efficient car when one is designed that isn't hideous like the Prius, Fit, or Insight.

If there really were a fuel shortage, our national speed limit would be back down to 55MPH (like it was 20 years ago) and fuel would be rationed.

Keep on believing the crap that Al Gore and the lunatic environmentalists are spewing about global warming. Global warming is the biggest scam in the history of the world, followed closely by the fiction that Hondas and Toyotas are reliable cars. I say if there is a fuel shortage, let's drive the biggest gas hogs we can find; then our government has no choice but to switch to alternative fuels.

I'm the guy who chops the catalytic converters off old 70's and 80's V8 cars and replaces them with flowmasters, glasspacks, or straight pipes. It feels so good to pollute, especially knowing my exhaust will sound better than the fart cans on any Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.

23rd Mar 2008, 13:18

"21st Mar 2008, 11:32.

High teens - wow that's really something to write home about."

Who said it was? It is simply no worse than many new cars, including those with V-6 engines.

"I doubt that you'll be driving a Fit or a Prius anytime soon"

This is at least one thing that you're correct about. I wouldn't be caught within 50 feet of the lame-looking Fit. It's marketed for teenagers: "Preferred by Werewolves, Fit is Go!" Come on! Nobody over 18 would be caught dead in one of these things.

As for the Prius, what's so great about it? There are non-hybrid vehicles that get better mileage, and cost $10,000 less. And neither of your paragons of Japanese engineering will ride as well, or as smoothly, as this 1971 Oldsmobile, because in the end, they are simply little tin cans that aspire to a "big car ride" but will never achieve it because there is no substitute.

So you get a thrill out of going around a corner fast? Who cares? There is more to driving enjoyment than that. I guess that's something that reading Car & Driver doesn't tell you.

23rd Mar 2008, 18:19

Amen to your comments. I drive my 1972 Olds 98 on a daily basis... and have for 15 years. Nothing is put together like this car... I just rolled over 400K miles and the engine and transmission have never been rebuilt. Sure, there may be a Toyota out there that can say it has traveled 400K, but I bet it can't be driven around the clock at 90+mph with out strain. Sure, the 455 and almost 5K lbs of weight is not the best on gas mileage, but my 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency exhibits so much class, high style and drama that it is worth it. What the pro rice burner chap does not realize, is the fact that the cars of today are designed by the government and computers, not designers. I also own a 1952 cadillac, and it never ceases to amaze me when people don't look at it when I drive it around. They must not have a soul... either that or little sense of proportion, balance, and detail... I am rambling and the fast and furious guy will come up with a non sensical rebuttal I am sure.

24th Mar 2008, 13:08

I have owned both a Fit and a Prius and had nothing but problems. I wish I had the reviewers' Oldsmobile!

6th Apr 2008, 11:18

I think the reason that 11:32 and 16:07 got such a beat down was because of his attitude of just jumping right in and immediately trashing the reviewer's car for no objective reason, especially being all sarcastic about it. You're right, a lot of people seem to like to go on the attack without really understanding where somebody is coming from. I agree that it's wrong for anybody to just totally bash somebody else's opinion or car, but I have noticed that on this site there is a strong and vocal "anti-American car" faction and a strong "anti-Old Car" faction, and they seem quite rabid and uninhibited about attacking what they don't like.

It sounds like you have a good plan --- drive the Civic to save money, and enjoy the Chevy on the weekends and as a treat when driving is supposed to be fun.

22nd Jul 2008, 23:14

Don't think old and big means terrible gas mileage. I have a 92 Olds 88. Although a little small, it still is considered a full sized car. People always assume that it gets lousy fuel mileage. It isn't that bad, 28 mpg with 6 people in the car. That is similar to what some Honda Civics get.

If you think high teens is bad mileage, check the size. How may people fit in the car. A 71 '88 more like a minivan, or a large SUV and high teens is not bad mileage for new vehicles that size.

6th Mar 2009, 17:41

I love old GM cars myself, had a 71 Delta, probably my favorite car of all the cars I've owned, including a Toyota.

I own an 86 caprice wagon now with a transplanted LT1 V8, would not trade it for the world. Also have an 83 CJ-7, my 4th or 5th old Jeep. Love em.

I also think global warming is B.S., and almost get teary eyed at the sound of a Chevy small block in front of a set of cherry bombs with no cat converter.

Folks can have their new fuel sipping rice grinders, but no one looks at them twice. People seem to gravitate toward a nice old chunk of Detroit cast iron though.

14th Apr 2015, 12:14

Maybe the reviewer's idea of "fun" is shrieking tires as the car lurches from one side of the road to the other?

15th Apr 2015, 01:13

I get 8 1/2 MPG in my 70 Chevelle SS. Maybe even less with the air on. If I had to pay 10 dollars a gallon, it would be worth every penny. I am incredibly healthy and enjoy ever minute of driving. I could be paying more with doctor visits being pessimistic, gloomy and high strung. I feel incredibly fortunate to be the caregiver for my cars. Even for a short while. I can't equate a fine automobile to the toaster appliance like mentality. I think a positive outlook also helps one to achieve more success at work as well. Life can be fun, or you can complain and rain on everyone else's parade.

15th Apr 2015, 11:41

If you don't like this Olds model, buy a 442.