1964 Oldsmobile F-85 330 V8 4BBL from North America


A pretty good car by the the standards of the mid to late 1960s


This 1964 Olds F-85 ran very nicely for almost 11 years, but then ran into some serious engine trouble. The camshaft went, followed by a bad head gasket or gaskets.

General Comments:

This 1964 Olds F-85 had a good combination of power & gas mileage.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2014

11th Jan 2017, 05:29

This second-generation F-85 was wholly forgettable. You were one year late to the party, when they were selling the good model.

11th Jan 2017, 11:38

I love the rear end styling on this year. I enjoy seeing them in shows.