8th Aug 2003, 13:36

I also have a 99 Olds Intrigue. I have had this since Feb. 2003.

The biggest problem I have noticed with my car is that the "anti-freeze/coolant" light comes on. I have had this checked by my mechanic, and can find no reason for it. The coolant is not low, there are no leaks, the car does not overheat, so he really has no idea.

I have also noticed that my car seems to burn an excessive amount of gas, and I noticed a clunking noise coming from what seems to be the rear wheel area. I have had a new set of tires put on, thinking that maybe it was that, but it still continues to clunk. If you have any suggestions or comments, or have experienced the same things and have been able to have them corrected, please email me at mamorjb@bellsouth.net

Thanks, Robyn.

13th Aug 2003, 08:26

1999 olds Intrigue 3.5 engine 84,000 miles at dealer now. The dealer says it needs a new engine the valve train is completely damaged. The engine is filled with oil oil pump pressure is perfect, but no lubrication to the heads. Dealer says the engine was driven without oil. No explanation as to why the oil cannot get to the heads. Dealer says the two tubes to camshaft area must be blocked. The engine is completely clean and oil always changed at 3500 mile interval. Anyone else have this problem?

13th Aug 2003, 10:30

I have a "99" Intrigue. Occasionally will not start. All dash lights come on like they normally do when you turn on the ignition, but when you go to start, nothing happens. Usually, you can wait a few minutes, try again and it will start. I have had it in the garage several times and they been unable to find a problem. I don't know if it could be related, but the first time I had this problem was the day my wife was rear-ended a little over a year ago. It has happened intermittently since then. Anyone had any like experiences?

19th Aug 2003, 11:47

My '99 Intrigue came with bad engine oil seals and had to be fixed within the first month to stop the oil leakage. It also developed that 'creaking' in the steering column in the 2nd year. The intermediate steering column was packed with grease, per GM instructions, and not fixed.

Now, after two years, the 'creaking' in the steering is back. I've also recently replaced the pressure regulator on the fuel pump when starting became difficult.

There are simply too many things going wrong with this car to recommend it. I've only noticed a slightly diminished oil level between changes (knock on wood).

26th Aug 2003, 20:42

I bought a 2001 Intrigue in Nov 2000. One week after I bought it GM announced that Oldsmobile brand was going away. In conjunction with the announcement, they offered free extended warranties to Oldsmobile buyers in addition to the other incentives. Kerchunk...20% loss in value in addition to the normal 25% for driving it off the lot!

But guess what? They wouldn't "do the right thing" and grant me the extended warranty... and believe me I tried anything and everything.

(My feeling today.. I will never trust GM or buy GM again.)

(And believe me... you I mean it. And I will pass on that) (legacy to my children and their children's children and) (to anybody that will hear my story.)

Of course *NOW* I need the warranty because now at 40K miles my Intrigue has all kinds of issues.

For one, the check engine light / crank sensor problem. Can't afford to get it fixed and car stalls almost exactly 90 seconds after a cold start. Stalls Every Time while driving without fail. This may kill me someday if it stalls in front of a cement truck. The PCS disengages and won't work. Check engine light is on all the time... and traction control will not stay engaged.

Uses one quart of oil every 3,000 miles, and there is a rubbing sound in the right rear wheel (either disc brake rotor or bearing'

When in stop and go traffic for 1/2 hour or more and you get the engine and tranny hot, the transmission has rough upshift and downshift involving clutch and/or transition between 1st and second. This started at about 7600 miles and the dealer refused to listen to the complaint. Now when the drivetrain is hot... this is very annoying.

Also, the coloring in the leather seats began rubbing off and leaching out of the leather within the first three months. The dealer said that it was a stain. *NOT*, it was the dye from the seat rubbing out of the leather. You'll see this as a "reddish brown" stain in the lumbar area of the seat. I believe it is caused/aggravated by the seat warmer use.

Well that's about enough for now.

If you're a GM executive, I'd welcome intervention to correct these issues, otherwise my next vehicle is a BMW.

Have a *really* nice day...

Rich Carter


21st Mar 2004, 08:14

My 1999 intrigue uses oil. It is very disappointing and I would like to stop it.

1st Sep 2004, 09:38

I have a 2000 Intrigue with 121K miles on it. It uses a quart of oil every 1800 miles, a clunking noise again in the steering (intermediate shaft), and the rotors last about 6 months if you heat your brakes. These are minor issues. This car has been reliable and will out perform nearly any car in its class. It has a great ride, handles well, and not a rattle in it at 121K miles. Its too bad that GM decided to keep Buick instead of Oldsmobile. I mean, the past loyal Buick owners are soon to be gone and the generations that follow will not even consider a Buick. This is a GM badge that has been left behind in technology. Buick is next off the block at GM.

7th Sep 2004, 06:43

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. I really like my car, but it has some issues. The anti-lock brake lights have been on over a year. I don't even think they work at this point. I have had my brake changed and there continues to be a roaring noise even though my rotors are supposedly fine. There is a slight clicking noise in my steering column. The real kicker though is after a heavy rain at least two to three inches of water pool up inside my passenger side floorboard. I have checked the drains and the molding around the door. My car also has the headlight dimming issue in cold weather. It is as if my car goes through a vortex and everything dims then comes back up even when there is no change in light around the car. It still rides well and perhaps I can get everything figured out even though I feel like I bought a car with major problems two years ago. I do not think the dealership who sold me the car was entirely honest even though it is considered a reputable GM/Chevrolet dealership. If anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them. Every time I see another white Intrigue I wonder if the driver is suffering as well!

9th Dec 2004, 06:32

The light dimming issue in the intrigue is probably when the seat warmer comes on, right?