10th Jul 2003, 22:47

Great concept, design and engine unfortunately it was put in the wrong hands. I suffer most all of the issues as well. What a shame.

Next time I will buy the BMW.

13th Jan 2004, 11:38

I unfortunately purchased a 2000 Intrigue and have experienced the normal problem of flickering lights in addition to problems with temperature regulation, a faulty crank sensor, and a leaking fuel pump. I could deal with the problems if the supporting service was not so bad. Numerous mechanics had difficulty diagnosing some of the problems, and not too surprisingly most of these problems developed within a few thousand miles after the warranty expired. (Guess I should have bought the extension, it would have saved me a great deal of money.) Not to mention, the engineering on the car makes service overly difficult, even simple maintenance like oil changes.

Note to other owners, the mechanic indicated the crank sensor and leaky fuel pump were common repairs to the Intrigue, start saving.

1st May 2004, 14:28

I purchased a new 1999 Intrigue and loved the car. However, I soon had problems with the crank sensor and every window regulator. Luckily my dealer was good and replaced it under warranty. I now have a coolant consumption problem (68000mi) that the dealer has diagnosed as either the heads or the intake manifold. I have an extended warranty, but they are bulking at the cost. The dealer says he needs to install a new engine ($6000) and cannot remove the heads and replace them without damage to the block. Has anyone heard of this? The car still runs great, has never overheated, and does not have the dreaded headlamp blinking problem. I want to keep the car and drive it for another 100K. HELP!

18th Jun 2004, 15:05

The Shortstar engine is a lot like the Cadillac Northstar engine. There is a website, cadillacforums.com that discusses head gasket problems with this type of aluminum engine. Pay attention to the Northstar technical section, and you will see that there are tablets from the Cadillac dealer you can add to the upper radiator hose (not the surge tank) to stem minor head gasket leaks. You can also use Barr's Gold Seal. These engines will have to be "timeserted" in order to repair the head gasket leaks. I don't know if this occurs commonly in this engine, but it does happen. Ask the person who goes by the name bbobinski for help. He helped design the Northstar engine. I also heard that the Bosch alternator will also help with the flickering light problem, and it is a lot cheaper too.

1st Aug 2004, 19:28

We have about 75,000 miles on our 2000 Intrigue. Thank God for extended warranties. We have had the following replaced at the Olds dealer:

Both front hub assys

One rear hub assy

Alternator for flickering lights (didn't fix it)

Climate control panel/system as A/C would cut out

Tie rods (can't remember if inner or outer)

I complained about oil consumption and they said it was normal. It uses about 2 quarts every 3000 miles. I am going to have to start doing these oil changes on my own. Those oil filters are nasty, so I have it done. I have always done the repair work on my vehicles, but this is a nasty job. I drive a 1995 Mustang GT with 130,000 miles on it and it doesn't use oil after 3000 miles, so they have no excuses.

I am not about to go out and buy a BMW or some other import. I want to support my country, but I will probably just stick to Ford whenever I can.

On a good note, the interior is not your typical rattling cheapo GM variety. It is still intact and doesn't rattle. The car itself is noisy on the road though, but my wife really likes the car and doesn't complain about it, and she is the one that has to deal with it.

I wouldn't suggest buying one, unless you want to buy mine. :)

2nd Aug 2004, 11:26


I purchased a 2000 Intrigue with 55,000 miles on it, and the first day I had it I noticed the head lights were flickering. Also, when I am driving between the speeds of 38 and 40 mph, the car starts to buck and the rpm's shoot up. I'm hoping this isn't a transmission problem, because I am not under warranty anymore.Also, the car seems to have no pick-up. Other than that the car is great, and it looks great.

18th Sep 2004, 21:08

2000 Olds Intrigue... what is your advise on purchasing this vehicle with 124,000 miles at $2500.00? With the problems I see listed,oil usage, flickering lights, etc... should I just move on?

27th Sep 2004, 12:32

I have a 2000 Intrigue and quite honestly it is the worst car I've ever had period! Too many problems to list and it only has 50k on it. I'm not even sure the ride is that good, but then again all of the problems have probably clouded my judgment on what might actually be good with the car. The latest problem is a loud, annoying rattle/clunking that's coming (seemingly) from under the car on the front passenger side, but haven't jacked it up yet to check because I'm afraid of what I might find wrong with it. Does anyone have a long term fix for the outside temp sensor problem which reads too low and shuts the A/C off? Or a fix for the oil consumption or the condensation in the headlights or the sunroof failing to retract? I could go on, but If you're in this forum I'm sure you're already aware of all the problems. And if you're considering a purchase of an Intrigue... go back and read all of the comments regarding this particular vehicle, good luck!


21st Oct 2004, 08:00

This summer my '99 Intrigue started knocking and had lost power. After 4 weeks in the shop replacing lifters etc. and not being able to fix, they finally diagnosed it as balance shaft bearing fell out of place. Not sure how that happened, but they found me a used engine locally for $3000 (total job). The damaged engine had 88K km on it and the replacement had 52K km.

Haven't had the flickering light problem, but I notice the oil usage. Mechanic recommended going with synthetic, but it's expensive. I'd appreciate any comments on conventional vs. synthetic in the 3.5 engine.

12th Nov 2004, 20:08

I recently purchased a 1999 Olds Intrigue. Maybe this is normal, but I didn't notice if before. It was a bit cold this evening and after driving about 20 miles from work I got home shut off the car and it sounded like a fan was running. I didn't have any warning lights light up on the dash. Is this fan running after the engine is shut off normal? The low coolant light did come on last week & the coolant less than 2 cups low I have an appointment next week with the garage. Anyone have any problems with this?

13th Dec 2004, 23:35

I own a 1999 Olds Intrigue. It's a nice car, but it has way too many problems. Let's go down the list:

Windows stick to the weatherstripping.

Brake pads and rotors wear out too fast b/c the rotors are made of ceramic.

The front passenger door sticks (had to have it fixed).

Last, but not least, the infamous light flickering. I took it in and had the battery and the alternator replaced. One week later, the lights are still flickering. It may be related to the cold given what I've read.