4th Jul 2005, 14:53

What state do you live in? Most highways have speed limits set at 65 or 70 mph during the daytime, and 60 or 65 mph at night.

5th Jul 2005, 15:12

I encountered 80 MPH speed limits in AZ. Those speeds are safe out there on the wide open desert roads, but naturally, that speed is unsafe for densely populated areas/states. Like everything else, there is a time and a place for everything...

Never been to Montana, but that state made national news when they implemented their decision to do away with a speed limit on some roads. Sounds like a fun place to drive, if you do it safely...


6th Aug 2005, 08:49

I've experienced the same problem with my 02'Intrigue. I did wheels rotation and balance, but that rubbing noise just moved. This is how I found out that it was coming from the tire - Goodyear Eagle LS- as OE. Bad quality tires. I had to replace them with 45K on them with Triple Treds (380$ per set) - problem's gone. Good luck!

24th Jan 2006, 19:39

I've had a similar problem with my radio/CD player on my '04 Alera. The scan botton is chipping off. The dealer patched it somehow last time... but the green glow is incredibly obvious at night.

31st Jan 2006, 22:01

I also have 02 Intrigue. Same problem with the paint falling off the stereo.. bought a very nice Sony with sub pre-out and remote for $150 at Future Shop. With all of the comments on this message board, I think we are all not doing so bad. Take a look in the section with the 90s Caravan trannys and Intrepid engines. Although I have had issues with my Olds, maybe we are all not that bad off. Nobody is safe as Ford, Honda (only the van), GM and Chrysler are all plagued with problems. Keep in mind the guy that drives your car from the line to the parking lot makes over $70,000 per year, how can we expect these people to assemble quality cars. My boss has millions of dollars, big problems with his Navigator ($80,000 vehicle). Difference is, the rich folks can afford to fix them.

1st Feb 2006, 20:25

Hey there I have a 2001 oldsmobile intrigue and I love it, but on the other hand I have a few issues as well with mine! my lights when I first bought it did not flicker then started to dim intermittently once in a great while (only once would the dim at a time). oh about 3 months ago is was doing this flickering like crazy on acceleration! so I tested the charging system? nothing found! did it again that alternator fail. put a new one on no fix still doing after pursuing and cleaning grounds.

I also have a hazard switch where the hazard symbol had been pushed in.

I also had to put rear brakes on it at 42,000 miles, but is all good because they don't go out that fast! pulsation int the front now?

I thing the car is great and I love it to death just drives handles,and rides out really nice. and is a very peppy car for being that big. it now had 50400 on it and is running very well I have even gotten 34 miles to the gallon on the highway.

7th Feb 2006, 22:07

If you're over 55 mph, it is quite possibly your wheel bearings, or maybe even your brake shoes. If you're unsure of GM mechanics, have it checked out by an independent garage.

8th Feb 2006, 02:17

I've had the same problem with the flickering headlights. On the 4th of July, my car was putting on its own light-show. Probably not so entertaining to oncoming drivers. It usually does the flickering as it's warming up. There's one particular spot on the temp gauge that the flicker is at. It's like clockwork. I've been told this could be a relay switch or a fuse.

My paint is also wearing off on one of my radio buttons, and I have the glowing light showing through.

I'm in a colder climate (MN) and the tranny seems to stick a little when I run it before it's fully warmed up. When I stop, then start, it shifts really hard. When it's warm, it's fine.

I've recently started leaking antifreeze, and this may be a head gasket. First MAJOR problem. Aside from that, I really like my car a lot.

12th Nov 2007, 15:36

Regarding Antifreeze leak on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Loss of antifreeze, thought it may be head gasket, thermostat, or hose.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the loss was coming from the coolant reserve tank. Previously, some mechanic apparently tweaked the overflow outlet & cracked it so when engine heated up coolant was lost. EASY FIX for new tank solved problem.

Upon checking owners manual I found something unique about the car. When engine gets hot, it will shut down the firing of some cylinders so as not to add additional heat to the problem. Car has about 90,000 miles. Driver's window quit working. Bought new regulator including motor for around $50.00. It took about an hour to r and r. If you can do some work yourself on these Intrigues, you can save a bundle. Not too difficult to work on! GREAT VALUE for money and VERY LONG LIFE car.

1st Mar 2008, 12:56

We've had the flickering light problem too, but haven't tried anything yet. Have a new battery. Water pump had to be replaced. Did that myself. Now I just had a P0410 trouble code set (secondary air injection system) and I think the air pump is going out. It's loud when you first start up cold, but it only is supposed to work for 60 to 120 seconds anyway. It helps the catalytic converter clean the air on a cold engine. The part can only be bought at a dealer as far as I can tell.

27th Apr 2009, 21:08

I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue too, and my secondary air injection system has also malfunctioned. I also heard these can only be purchased at the dealership.

I can only imagine how much they may cost.

25th Oct 2010, 08:12

Sounds like the same noise my car made when you put the back window down and in the girlfriend's car. When you put the front window down, the noise goes away.

24th Jan 2011, 09:11

Mid last year, my Intrigue developed a loud thudding noise (and in some cases an obnoxious BUZZ) when my rear tires would hit a bump, manhole, or rough patch of road.

I had both struts replaced, the shocks were still in tip top shape, my tires were brand new. My mechanic was not able to find anything wrong.

Has anyone else ever heard of this scenario? It still does it occasionally, but has not occurred as frequently.