20th Apr 2007, 10:46

Another update. Now have 108,709 KL (67,943 miles) Rotated the tires at 105,000 KL and brakes look about 60%. I find them very strong. Just touch them very lightly and the car stops nicely. Like most GM's I have had. Don't like the pedal feel in my 2004 F-150. pedal to soft for me. So I don't see the problems others are having with the brakes. I hope they know that with rear disks they need to be maintained more often, cleaning and checking the sliders. Also no oil consumption either. Found one just like mine, but with only 46,000 KL (28,750 miles) on it. VERY tempted to trade mine in on it...

3rd Nov 2007, 20:14

I was wondering how you found the answer to your knocking problem? I have taken my car 2001 old. intrigue to about 5 different repair shops had my tie rod ends replaced. Control arm bushings replaced, but the sound is still there. Someone said that it is a problem gm has always had and they could grease it up, but will only work for 1 1/2 years and then the knocking will come back. Also do you remember how much it cost?

6th Nov 2007, 20:32

The knocking sound is your intermediate shaft. Yes they can grease it up to take up the slack. I put a new one in my self, but I just don't remember the cost of the part.

It is a problem with this car and the ONLY problem that I seem to have out of the list that others have.

The labor to take the shaft out and grease It may make it ideal to replace the shaft. How long it has been knocking will dictate wether the grease job will last the year and a half.

Funny that 5 shops didn't tell you about this shaft. It sounds like they just wanted to sell you tie-rods etc.

7th Nov 2007, 19:23

Is there another name for intermediate shaft. I have tried to find it, but only have been able to find Steering Shaft on rock auto.

12th Jan 2008, 11:01

The shaft runs from the rack to column.

Still loving my car. Using the oil life monitor and have 9500 kl on this oil and only now need to add 1 L. Normally can run 10500 to 12000kl before the car tells me to change oil. No problems with oil consumption.

Just got a power steering leak. Will change the hose.

I would buy a new one if I could. I can't so I WILL keep this one!

9th Apr 2008, 10:03

Talk to your dealer. I'm in Canada so keep that in mind for prices. I just called mine and was told it will cost about 88 bucks to fill the shaft with grease and stop the sound.