2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL 3.5 V6 from North America


Fair car, having problems though


When I first bought this car back in February 2005, the car seemed like a dream vehicle. The first problem I have noticed, is that the front dash lights and console lights get very hot when using the headlights at night. Second, I notice that the lights will flicker from time to time. I brought my car into the dealership while it was still under warranty (3 year, 36000 mile warranty), and they could not find anything wrong with the car. Now, the car has the numbers rubbing off the radio buttons, and I am getting a high pitched rubbing sound from the front passenger tire when I exceed 70 mph. Any ideas about what might be causing these problems?

General Comments:

I am moderately satisfied with this GM product. I am not very satisfied with the GM dealership mechanics, however. Now that the car is out of warranty, I am fearing that there may be a fair amount of expenditure for repairs on this, especially now that I am getting that wheel rubbing sound when I exceed 70 mph. I have read in some other reviews, and have seen where several of the Oldsmobile lines have had problems with the rotors and wheel bearings (I have no idea how much these cost to replace, but it is scaring me). Any thoughts?

Other than that, the car rides well, is comfortable, and seems fairly safe. The engine is powerful, and does not seem to be much of a gas hog. Any thoughts on what I have said above would be most appreciated.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2005

4th Jul 2005, 14:46

This forum is not for maligning people who write reviews. Since you made the statement, I would suggest you verify your facts before you criticize. "First of all" the national speed limit is not 55. In many areas of the country, the speed limit on the interstates is 65, 70, 75, and even 80 MPH. In fact in Montana, there is not even a numerical speed limit on some of the roads, but rather, just a guideline that that the speed be "reasonable and prudent". I think I recognize your sarcastic style of commenting/lecturing from other posts I have seen on this site. Let us keep it about cars.

2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL 3.5 Twin Cam from North America


Olds had the slogan right with


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car other than usual maintenance. I had to have to power steering pump replaced when the car had relatively low mileage, but that has been about it, and it was covered by the manuf. warranty. Also, the stereo had to be replaced due to an internal failure. That was also covered by warranty.

General Comments:

I haven't been experiencing any oil consumption thus far, although I really don't even check the oil that often if at all. I tend to wait for the 'CHANGE OIL' light to come on, which has saved me a ton in oil change expenses.

The engine in this car has been dead reliable, and for having as much mileage as it does, still loves to "scream" at 6,000 RPM's on a hard take off every now and then. I love the ultra smooth performance that this "short star" engine gives, because it is very smooth and premium feeling.

The transmission in my car has been very good, requiring the minimal fluid flushes. Hasn't given me any trouble.

The car is extremely comfortable for long drives, and I am a guy that is 6'5 and 240 pounds, so it is hard to find a car that fits well. The Intrigue does the trick, and my passengers in the front and the back have mostly commented on how comfortable the seats are and how nicely it rides, although the ride can be a little choppy due to the sporty-ish suspension.

I'm sorry to hear that they don't make Oldsmobile anymore, because I would absolutely buy another one of these. My fiance has a 99 Intrigue with the same 3.5 liter engine, but her's has close to 100,000 miles, and her's has been an extremely good car as well. Her's needed to have the intermediate steering shaft replaced, but that has been about it. We will keep our cars for a while, we absolutely love them. If you get a chance, go take a look at one/drive it. You'll love it... Especially the "Short Star" engine!!!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005