1994 Oldsmobile LSS 3.8 liter V6 from North America


Best U.S. sport sedan made, best value for the money!


This car has had no major issues since I've owned it.

For the most part, I change the oil and filter every 5,000 miles, flush out the cooling system at 100k, flush out the brake system every 2 years, and keep the tires rotated and properly inflated for best tread life. When needed I have the vehicle aligned, and with such care I've gotten 80k tread life out of the set of Dunlop tires which I put on the car at about 140,000 miles!

The minor repairs which had to be made include:

Replacement of the drive belt at 100k (2 times)

Replacement of spark plugs and wire set at 100k

Replacement of the alternator at 165k

Replacement of the front struts & end links at 150k

Replacement of the belt tensioner at 187k

Replacement of fuel filler line-to-tank at 195k

Replacement of EGR valve at 210k.

General Comments:

From the moment it was reintroduced during the 1994 Autoshow in Richmond, VA, the Olds 88 LSS attracted a good sized crowd around it and got excellent reviews by everyone who noticed its sleek lines and comfortable, well thought out interior. The moment I was able to get close enough and sit in the cabin, I was hooked. Here was intelligent engineering at its very best, and I knew that I was sitting in a very capable sedan that would serve me well for years to come. How right I was!

I owned my '71 442 conv. for 10 years, 300k and when I finally sold it, I bought a Cirea (which was also a great car), and kept on the road for 5 years, 285k. When it was time to replace it, I was able to buy the LSS used at a local Olds dealer. The car has been the best vehicle purchase I've made to date, and it is still a pleasure to drive everywhere I need to travel.

This large full-sized car will average 32 mpg on long trips (amazing!), and in town it will still deliver 28 mpg (26 with a/c on). It has power to really step-out in traffic, runs on-and-on for miles with the high $$ luxo-sport sedans, and has exceptional handling to keep up with them even on the curves. With front wheel drive, this car will go when others can't - like in snow and ice and bad weather. It was GM's best kept secret, as the Bonneville seemed to get all the press. But the Olds still has yet to look out of date, whereas other makes and models look 'dated' to the time they were produced. Best of all, the interior is a pleasant place to spend your hours on the road, with so many great features like: supportive full leather bucket seats, center console, dual front airbags, dual climate control, full instrumentation that features an easy-on-the-eyes blue back lit display, AM/FM cassette/CD, auto dimming rearview mirror with digital compass, large full-sized cabin and trunk area, and so much more!!

I really believe that in today's used car market the LSS by Oldsmobile is still a 'best buy'. Why? Because even though GM unwisely 'phased-out' the motor division in 2004, the car still can easily be serviced everywhere.

Also, and this is really good news for all of us on a budget, because the car line is out of production, the purchase cost of these vehicles is less! So if you're looking for a family car with a LOT of content, that will make you smile every time you drive it, find an Olds for sale in your area and BUY IT!

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Review Date: 1st May, 2008

2nd May 2008, 15:46

You should have kept that 442!

8th Jul 2010, 18:02

Sorry if you don't appreciate the mileage I get with the LSS. It's been a while since I wrote the review on my Olds, but when I took my last road trip to Savannah GA., I filled up in Richmond, headed south on I-95 and drove until the 'low-fuel' warning light came on in the dash - which happened while I was on the bridge crossing the Savannah river! I took the first exit and re-fueled (15.4 gals). Total mileage driven: 468 miles, divided by the total fuel used = 30.4 mpg, only a few miles per gallon shy of my original 32 mpg! Not bad for a car that now has 240,000 + miles and still rides like a rocket!

1998 Oldsmobile LSS Supercharged 3.8 from North America


One of GM's best kept secrets


Had problems with brake booster. Front brakes would slighty engage when driving. I had to replace the booster, front calipers, disks and brake pads. In all it was under a thousand dollars.

I also had the same mechanic flush out my coolant system. He was to aggressive and caused the head gasket to leak after the coolant flush. I'm not sure what product he used to flush it out. Then gives me a quote for one thousand dollars to fix the leak he caused. So I dumped a bottle of high quality rad sealer in the system and it really helped.

No other problems since.

General Comments:

My Lss has the Supercharger and is fully loaded.

Its quite fast, and have won a race over a Mustang GT.

The leather interior is done very nice and is quite comfortable. The wood trim is also done quite taste full.

It's basically Oldsmobile's version of a top of the line Cadillac.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2008

2nd Apr 2008, 10:35

"It's basically Oldsmobile's version of a top of the line Cadillac."

- No! The Aurora is!!!

7th Apr 2008, 18:34

Aurora LOL. The Aurora was poorly designed inside and out. The exterior looks terrible, and resembles a Ford. The interior is also poorly done compaired to other Oldsmobile models. And the Engine is a 4.0 with no Supercharger option. Aurora LOL!