8th Apr 2008, 12:55

That may or may not be, but it doesn't change the fact that the 88 LSS was not the top of the Oldsmobile line for 1998. It was simply an 88 model with a few performance and appearance bits added, like a center console. The supercharger was an option, not standard. Otherwise it had the same powertrain as the regular 88.

11th Apr 2008, 00:59

In 1996 Olds made the LSS a STAND ALONE MODEL. That means the LSS is not an 88! Prior years the 88 was an "88 LS". They are related but are two different models. The 88 is very plain in comparison to the LSS. The LSS has a lot of options you can't get on the 88. If you read my prior coments you would know that I own one. I also have all the sales brocures that show all the Oldsmobile cars from 1996-1999 and they show all the options you can choose when you purchase your new Olds.

I think the biggest confusion is that people think the LSS is a 88 LS, but in these years it is a stand alone model.

19th Nov 2009, 20:16

The LSS and Regency are both separate models, BUT, they are identical in most ways to the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. They are both basically Trim Packages for the 88. The Regency was an 88 full loaded (leather, auto climate control, memory seats, traction control, etc.) while using the same front end as the Ninety-Eight. The LSS was marketed toward import buyers, so it includes the usual leather upholstery, floor console with shifter, etc.). The Regency was actually better equipped than the LSS, including traction control, CD player, keyless entry with personalization, dual zone AC and steering wheel radio/ac controls. BUT, the LSS did have larger stabilizer bars, different wheels, lower final drive ratio, different power steering rack and the optional Supercharged 3800.