1973 Oldsmobile Omega Sedan 4 door 350 V8 "Gold Rocket" from North America


My twin daughters will own this with pride, as I did with the remodeled Camaro my dad helped me with


Wheel bearings at about 70000, and I've replaced the shoes a couple of times.

General Comments:

I have never had any major problems, and I've had this since I was a Jr. in high school.

Traveled to NC because of being stationed in Camp Lejeune for the Marines, and I had no trouble, and I'll say it makes the heads turn!

I have a cold air intake that I built custom, directly to the scoops I put on, and dual performance exhaust, and some nice HP/4000 Hercules tires on with Cragar rims.

I love this car to death!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2012

22nd May 2014, 19:04

Where did you buy this car, because I owned a 73 and sold it to guy who was in the marines around that time.

24th May 2014, 08:49

Why would you invest all that time and money on a four-door?

25th May 2014, 08:22

Not everyone collects Corvettes.

25th May 2014, 18:58

There are quite a few 4-door cars that are collectable. Compared to the Nova, the car on topic here, along with the Ventura and Apollo, are rare to begin with, 2 or 4-door.

How many 94-96 Impala SS models do you see people toy around with?

1981 Oldsmobile Omega from North America


A nice little X-body K car


Brakes seem over powered - seized when braking a bit harder/suddenly.

Paint fade / bubbling on plastic grill.

Noise from ashtray/cassette/tool box.

General Comments:

2.8L engine is good for its weight. Good handling and smooth cruise, and very quiet when downhill.

Like the power windows of my model and vinyl top.

Seats are not as comfortable as they look like.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2010

16th May 2010, 16:38

You got the X-body part right, but the "K-cars" are Chrysler products, and quite a bit more reliable then the GM X-body models, from my experience.

1976 Oldsmobile Omega 350 4bbl from North America


Good dependable driver


All the little things... water pump, alternator, master cylinder. Nothing big.

General Comments:

This was not my car. It was my parents, and I inherited it after they died.

I very rarely drove it, and I have it in storage now. I start it every few days & change the oil every few months.

Even though it hasn't been tuned in 13 years, it still starts. The A/C is gone, but that's a simple thing to fix.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

9th Jul 2009, 14:10

Give that poor car a tuneup, I bet your gas mileage will almost double.

1978 Oldsmobile Omega 305 from North America


Best car I've owned other than a Nova!


I needed to replace the $4 fuel filter twice.

General Comments:

The car sat for some time before I bought it. Since I've had the car it has run excellently!

She runs strong, handles well (for thirty-year old engineering/suspension) and is just as fuel-efficient as the newer cars getting 17 MPG.

The only thing that could make it better is if it had the Chevy Moniker.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2008

1983 Oldsmobile Omega Base 2.5L TBI Iron Duke from North America


A reliable car


I've replaced an alternator, front wheel hub assembly, water pump, shifter A/T select cable, and electric radiator fan. It's to be expected with a high mileage older car.

General Comments:

It rides comfortable, but is in need for new shocks.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2008

1978 Oldsmobile Omega 231 ci V6 from North America


A good old well built American automobile


Transmission lines were leaking in June of last year due to 30 years of Pennsylvanian weather; they were replaced for $30. The car had 41000 miles on it then.

Also in last June the sub-frame mount was replaced because it was dry rotted due to the car sitting for the winter months. I also had to have catalytic converters installed on the car in order for it to pass inspection, which cost me $140.00.

Radio doesn't work due to disconnected speakers in the rear of the car.

General Comments:

I love my Oldsmobile Omega and I wouldn't trade it for any other car in the world, not even a Rolls Royce.

The car is very very fuel efficient for being a bigger and older car. I would say it gets at least 30 mpg on the highway and 22mpg in the city.

Seats are comfortable for the most part, however they could have had better lumbar support built into them.

The car handles well when driving it, no matter what the speed. It does pull a little to the left due to it being out of alignment, which I need to have done on it.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2008