1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.8L TPI from North America


Fire-breathing grocery getter


The Few things that have gone wrong are what I would call "inconveniences" or "fit and trim" problems and happened before I purchased the vehicle.

The drivers side window motor failed, causing the window to roll down, but not up.

The cable that opens the gas cap broke.

The hatch has to be opened with the key.

The air conditioning needs to be recharged.

The fuel gauge reads inconsistently, and the tank reaches empty when the gauge says 1/4. If anyone has a fix for this, please comment.

General Comments:

The car is outstanding shape for having well over 150 thousand miles on it. People look at it's overall condition and wonder if the odometer is broken. The white finish with black pin-striping is tasteful and sharp-looking.

The engine is strong and silent, and needs only basic maintanance. It performs much better than expected for a minivan, and is surprisingly quick from a standstill, and when dropped into passing gear it pulls ahead with authority. at 95+ miles an hour the ride is steady and the engine is ready for more. with only a K&N filter to boost it's performance, it is quite a sleeper.

Gas mileage seems to be about 17mpg average.

Stereo was less than stellar. I replaced all the stock components with top of the line Kenwood equipment, but the design of the cabin makes the sound somewhat dull.

Cargo space is fantastic, especially with all, but the 2 front seats removed. Air shocks and load levelers in the back help the van compete with pickups for carrying capacity.

The van has a fiberglass body that will not rust. Paint looks like new, as the car seems like it was previously very well cared for. I'm proud to continue the good care and will always be a supporter of the GM trio of "dustbuster" vans. The new ones are ugly, slow, and un-economical. but that's just my humble opinion!

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

25th Jun 2003, 19:27

I also had a 93 Oldsmobile Silhouette, and loved it. I finally had to part with it at 250,000 miles only because I wanted something newer. I loved the power it had, and the dependability was great.

At about 150,000 Miles I had the same problem with the rear hatch back door lock not working with the power locks, had to use the key to get it open.

I also had troubles with the driver side window, however it was not the motor that was bad, the switch was bad. Went to a junk yard and got a new switch for $5! Worked fine after that.

My A/C was very cold the whole time I had it. Never any problems with it.

If I ever were to look into another mini-van I would defiantly look into the late-model "dust-buster" looking van again!

And for anyone who wants to know... STAY AWAY FROM THE 3.4L V-6... problems! problems! problems!

30th Aug 2009, 07:28

Wondering if anyone out there has had cat converter problems with this vehicle? I've replaced one at around 100K, and at 133K I think I have symptoms of the same problem again.

30th Aug 2009, 11:35

If the vehicle is burning oil, it will coat and plug a cat quickly. So, if that is the case, fix the excessive oil consumption before replacing the cat.

26th Feb 2010, 23:45

Thanks for that idea on the oil consumption. I do lose oil over time... but I'm not sure if it's consumption by burning or by bearing seal leakage.

I'm at about 135K now with my '93. I'm tempted to retire it. I've got the following work needed on it: inner/outer tie rod ends, brake job, window motor dying, and a transmission that doesn't seem to shift like (and when) it use to. I do see this could make 150K, but I'm not sure I want to pour $1.5K into a vehicle that's barely worth that.