13th Jan 2006, 00:26

I have recently acquired a 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado in immaculate condition I paid 3,000 for the car. I plan to restore this car for my daughter is there anyone that has info for parts? OEM, aftermarket.etc...? and any key places I should look for "problems" IE BODY, and Engine?

13th Jan 2006, 10:49

If the car is in "immaculate" condition, why do you need to restore it?

Why don't you try doing a search under "1966 toronado" and find out about parts sources on your own?

13th Jan 2006, 21:21

You must have gotten the buy of the year! If you paid 3000 US for an immaculate 66 Toronado you got about a 10-15 thousand dollar discount. There are not many original low mileage ones left. you are fortunate to have found a Toronado owner today willing to part with it.They are a loyal bunch. There are a few great sites to check out regarding the care and feeding of your new purchase, like the Toronado Owners Association. Good luck, I wish I had one...

21st Apr 2007, 01:21

The ABSOLUTE BEST SOURCE for information on all year Toronado's is www.toronado.org -- join the mail list and ask questions there. You'll get great tech advice, lines on parts, etc. Absolutely essential resource!

30th May 2011, 01:54

I used to have a 67 Deluxe.

The standard had manual windows, often no air conditioning, and generally very basic trim. The Deluxe models had available climate controlled air (yes, in 1966), power locks, windows, trunk and seats, cornering lights, cruise control, lots of other things. The drivetrain, chassis and suspension were identical.

The 66 is considered more collectable, but I liked the 67 because it had a dual master brake cylinder and optional disk brakes (which it needed very badly). The inner constant velocity joints are different and easier to fix on the 67. There are a few trim differences. Otherwise the cars are mostly identical.