31st Jan 2006, 10:39

I own a '91 Tornado Trefeo with 68,000 miles and keep the machine in mint condition. Last year I replaced the water pump and last month put in new fuel injectors for $1,500. A gas smell alerted me that something was wrong. I've also had a problem with the emergency brake, fixed when a new left rear brake assembly was installed. Other than replacing the headlight opener motor, this is the best car I've owned in a long time, based on how it handles. I bought it used five years ago with 38,000 miles. My next fix will be to repair/replace the air conditioner, but it continues to chug on with a little new refrigerant each season. I hope it lasts another five years. My hope is that the electrical system holds on that long.

15th Jan 2007, 16:05

I've owned one of these cars and it was great. It rode like a dream with no rattles. The engine was fine. Our VIC center went out, but I got a new one for about 200 bucks. After that it was great. The screen went out. It was great technology for its time. It all depends on how the car was treated. Now you can get a lemon in anything. We have tried ford and hadnothing, but trouble with them. They had to buy them back because they couldnt fix it. We will always own GM cars. They are better built cars. You mentioned you wouldn't get rid of the car because its only worth 500 bucks. If I hated something as bad as you do Id get rid of it for whatever amount!

24th Aug 2007, 20:45

I own a 1989 Trofeo; it runs great. When I got it I thought it would need more work because of the year, but all it needs is a fender and maybe paint. Other than that, everything works, even the A/C. I would really like to sell it because I have too many cars and I don't have the time to do anything with it.

26th Sep 2007, 12:49

I own a 1990 Trofeo, it rides just as good if not better than any new car out there. The engine, while not a jet, keeps up with anything on the road. My car has 155672 miles and all parts are original, right down to the hoses and clamps. That isn't bad for 18 years. You must drive the snot out of yours and not take care of it. Go back to your cave!!!

25th Mar 2009, 17:59

I'm on my second Trofeo, and it has been the best cars I have ever owned, even more than my new Volvo R wagon.

Repairs are reasonable, good mileage and wildly advanced for its time. And gets more attention. I also love the fact it's only one of 8 convertibles made.

11th May 2011, 16:39

How much did you pay for the convertible? I have a 91 Trofeo and I love it!