1987 Oltcit 12 TRS from Romania


Really sporty 2 door compact car


I bought the car with a lot of problems but I think everything can be fixed.


-valve pressers from the chamshafts needed to be adjusted.

- a lot of rust and dents in the bodywork

- some oil leaks which are fixable with red gasket paste

- oil pressure sensor was defective

- the brakes needed bleeding

- worn front tires

- some missing interior screws

- minor problem with the window mechanism on the driver side

- it desperately needed an oil change

- I later found out that the previous owner managed to break the speedometer cable so the km on the clock were not accurate... he said it actually was somewhere around 100000 not 65000.

General Comments:

The performance of the car is amazing compared to the Club or to any other Romanian car of the period.

After some minor tuning of the carburetor and to the engine timing, the car became smoother than when I bought it, and later after learning what bugs it still has and adapting my driving style to them the fun is bigger and bigger.

After these tuning improvements the fuel consumption went down by aproximately 1-2L/100km in the city and out of the city (highway) by about 0.5L/100km.

I found out that the car is not really made for short distances such as 3-5km thus the fuel consumption can be higher than normal, because this car having an aircooled engine never reaches it`s normal running temperature.

The engine begs to be revved... it really sounds and reacts really well around 3500-4000 rpm. This might be because the engine is a boxer engine, and because it's aircooled and needs high rpm to be cooled properly.

The brakes are amazing because unlike any other car the nose doesn't dive down; the whole car squats down thus the weight transfer isn't so big and it becomes difficult to lock the rear wheels. Usually all the wheels lock at the same time, thus getting a really short braking distance.

I recommend this car to anyone who likes to have fun driving and doesn't really mind the fact that in town its fuel consumption is comparable to a much bigger car. But when you consider that it's as fast as a bigger car: 1)It really doesn't matter. 2)The comfort is comparable to most contemporary cars and if the suspension is in good working order the handling is great also.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

13th May 2008, 11:35

I bought a used OLTCIT 12 Club TRS in 2002 from a certified Egyptian dealer whom has now disappeared. My big problem was always that the engine is so hot and the oil temperature lamp is turning red, especially at low speeds even when oil level is O.K. Frequent oil changes with heavy diesel oil, and now the engine works intermittently producing cracking sounds with frequent turning offs. As there no OLTCIT dealer in Egypt currently, and the technician says I need a new engine, please tell me where and how can I get it and how much its price might be? In case you find it difficult to contact me on my E-mail, my address is 4 Refaa St.,#16, Dokki 12311, Cairo. Phone:202-33363413 Egypt.

6th Aug 2008, 23:17

Its based on the Citroen Axel.

1994 Oltcit 12 TRS 1.3 litres 4 cil boxer from Romania


A very good design for its date of conception, sadly the Romanians who built it did a mediocre job


When I bought the car for 600 euro, the engine had to be repaired, then the clutch failed and I changed it, the dashboard covering is cracked, I had to change the light bulbs...

General Comments:

In terms of road performance, for such a low price, I had no other alternative. After changing the clutch, the car accelerates better than many more powerful and expensive cars like Golf 3. For an engine that was conceived so many years ago, has only 1.3 liters of displacement and 62 hp, the gearbox works wonders. When driving up a very wet, winding, climbing road, the car seemed to be on rails. It. s very maneuverable, I can turn it around very easily on a normal street.

Also, all tough I am a BIG guy, I find it spacious enough for me. Sadly, no one can use the seat behind me, so the car has only 3 real places.

The suspension is very good, so are the brakes, as they are very linear, progressive and effective.

The big problem for this car is the carburetor, which is very sensitive to bad gasoline, water and other things that can be found in bad quality Romanian gasoline. I switched to O.M.V, 100+ and the car runs much smoother. Also, a detuned carburetor can cause huge gas consumption.

The main reason for which the car is so cheap is the fact that the spare parts are hard to find and bad in terms of quality.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2005

6th Feb 2006, 06:37

I will buy next week a 12 TRS with 500 euros and for this money it's the best choice.