1975 Opel Admiral Luxus 2.8S from Netherlands


An unique American German



It's 25 years old and is 100% original. OK, I had to buy a new battery. And if you drive it in the rain, water leaks through the windshield rubbers. So I don't drive it in the rain (then I drive a Fiat Panda).

General Comments:

This car is 100% quality. Its strong straight six engine is extremely reliable. Transmission works as well as in 1975.

The seats are real Pullman seats and everything is built for life.

This predecessor of the Opel Senator is a real classic, with hardly 37,000 or so built between 1969 and 1977.

But I only drive it for hobby (there is the Panda again!). My 'Ad' drinks petrol like it's water. Also, spares are sometimes difficult to get.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000

2nd Apr 2001, 14:17

It's the same Admiral. Now it's the 3rd of April 2001 and I Just have to tell you that this car is still 100% O.K. It runs very well, it only consumes like one liter of very expensive petrol to six kilometers.

I recently drove a Turkish wedding and they all loved my Admiral. Only 37,000 or so were built and it's not too easy to get spares. But I'll keep on driving it.

For my last APK (MOT) I had to replace some small things and some items that weren't so easy to get. But I got them and I'll keep on driving my 'Ad'.