23rd Aug 2004, 05:41

Hi, if you need spares for an Admiral, I have a lot of those! I also have a real nice 2600 for sale.



Xavier Belgium.

8th Sep 2005, 08:38

My Dad had two kapitans in sucession. A '60' replaced by a '65'. Two perfect cars, and well ahead of its time technologically and in standards of comfort. Twenty-eight miles per gallon weren't bad for 2.6 litre.

20th Oct 2005, 10:28

My Dad too had a 60's Kapitan replaced by a 65 vintage. They were trouble free and very pleasant cars to drive. Technologically and in design they were well ahead of their time. Beautiful, beautiful cars.

26th Dec 2008, 16:31


I also have a ADMIRAL B, mine is from 1972. If your car is with dual Zenith carbs, you should be able to drive at least 8 km per liter.

Also see my new Opel KAD forum at: www.opeladmiral.com.

Happy driving!


28th Mar 2009, 06:57

The big Opels are master pieces or German automotive engineering; German quality, perfect design, a extremely nice body design..., the only problem it´s the spare parts (sometimes they are very difficult to find) and the price of some of these, because in the present day, Opel don´t want to offer a good service for cars with more than 25 years.

A very high number of these cars, sadly have been sent to junkyards, because with the exception of Austria and Germany, in Europe, people prefer some types of "Cookie Box Cars" like Seat, Renault, Fiat and Austin (Mini obsession) ; the BMW are expensive cars and they are not exciting; the Mercedes don´t like to me and workshop costs are very expensive, and the spare parts prices are abusive.

José from Spain.

10th Jul 2011, 04:02

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