1985 Opel Ascona GL 1.3 from Serbia




Not much, as when I bought it, I was aware that I needed to change a wheel bearing and U-joint, head gasket, T-belt, alternator belt, and rear brake cylinder. All these parts were changed and the cost was only 100 euros.

The vehicle was originally with diesel engine, which probably died and then a benzine engine was put in.

General Comments:

The car is excellent, even it is too old. I was lucky to find one with no rust; the body was perfect.

After changing the mentioned parts, I installed a gas installation so I drove the vehicle most of the time using natural gas, which is twice as cheap as benzine.

In 2 years I had no single problem, and the poor vehicle was used every day on rough & bumpy roads. Nothing was broken in that 2 year period; only oil and filters have been changed regularly.

The vehicle mileage is not possible to discover, because if I am correct, I was the fourth owner, but according to my opinion, it should be about 300.000-350.000 km.

Handling is perfect, especially if you drive long distances; you will be satisfied. Before I had a Golf model 1995, which wasn't that comfortable. Now I feel sorry because few days ago I sold my lovely and reliable Ascona. Now I will see how my Renault will be.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008

1981 Opel Ascona 1.3 LX 1.3 petrol from Greece


Old car still strong


Many things went wrong, but of course it has over 280.000 km. engine gasket, engine starter, some cables, radiator, dynamo,

General Comments:

I bought it for 500 eyro and I spent for all the damages 300 eyro! only the cost of spare parts is very low!not very reliable, but it is very quiet on the road roomy and does great travels I did 1460 km in a day good car :)

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Review Date: 27th December, 2006

1978 Opel Ascona 1.6 Gas from Kosovo


SOLID. The last great generation of Opel's


120,000 km : Engine was overhauled do to low (and eventually no) oil. Lazy neglect on our part. When the oil was changed, the oil pan drain plug was not secured properly. The oil light came on of course, but we thought it was the sensor or a fuse. It died around 1,000 km later. Tough S.O.B.!!

Other than that, nothing serious. Original transmission and axle since the factory.

After a while, the electricals would have minor issues, but nothing major.

Will rust after a while but that's normal due to steel construction and age.

General Comments:

Very reliable and durable. This car has been to Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and of course every city in Kosovo 1,000 times.

Excellent road manners, with a positive steering feel and gear shifter.

Great seats, not like Rekord or Mercedes, but much better than VW or Fiat.

No power steering, who needs it?

No A/C, great heat though.

Excellent engine/transmission.

Handling is not BMW, but it was much cheaper to own with very few minor problems.

This generation of the RWD Opel's ('75 - '83) is the last breed of excellent cars. Today parts are hard to come by, but can be found if you really look around. Can run well over 300,000 km if taken care of. Very simple in design and easy to work on.

Gas milage is good for this era of simple cars. 10 liters per 100km city driving.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2006

1979 Opel Ascona Berlina 2.0 S from Netherlands


Great semi-classic car!


The turn indicator relay had to be replaced at 68.000 Km.

At 69.000 Km I replaced the brake pads, the original ones from 1979 were finally worn.

The exhaust and rear brakes have to be replaced soon.

After 26 years the car shows some minor spots of rust (all smaller than 1 cm)

General Comments:

It's a very good car, which I bought from the first owner. I only drive it as 2nd car, for about 3000 Km a year. It's a pity that it is in such a good shape, because it drives better than my daily car, but it would be bad for its condition to drive it daily. So it spends most of the time in a climate controlled garage.

The only disadvantage is the fuel consumption: sometimes 14l/100Km (in urban traffic), and 11l/100Km on highways.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2005