1978 Opel Ascona S 1.2 from Norway


A reliable worker


The heater worked occasionally.

Rust in the doors and bottom.

Door handle broke in the cold.

Otherwise the was running without any problems.

General Comments:

The car was really reliable and had good fuel economy.

It was easy and safe to drive, and did not have any surprises.

But the 1.2 liter engine was way to slow for a car this big.

The acceleration was similar to somewhat between a Beetle and a 2CV, and it became very noisy at high speed.

Over 80 km/h that is.

The space in the backseat and trunk isn't too big.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2005

1974 Opel Ascona Injection 1.9 E from Germany


265k miles with a 1900cc engine and and no end in sight


Rear quarter panels started rusting and the radiator failed once. The seats virtually disintegrated in the Texas heat.

General Comments:

Most fun to drive Opel I ever owned. Parts are cheap and the car is gas efficient with about 22-25miles per gallon. Interest groups for pre-1975 Opel are decently organized and you will meet very helpful folks.

Just do not expect any dealer support, especially in the USA. I tried to get a key remade at a Buick dealership and they refused to make it (I brought even an original blank), stating they service only what Buick sold. I got a good laugh, but no key.

If you can do body work yourself then this is the car for you. Easy to work on, easy to transform into a race car. Sadly there will be no survivor out there that does not need some rust prevention now and again.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2004

18th Dec 2004, 06:24

Why have you put the car review is from Germany when in fact its America?

20th Dec 2004, 09:19

The Opels imported from Germany to the US did not get injection until the 1975 (and final) model year.

My experience with Opels is the same as regards the rust and interior not holding up in heat, however. Both were weak points on these cars. Since it has been almost 30 years since the last ones were sold new in the US, it is now almost impossible to find any in salvage yards. An Opel enthusiasts group, or ebay, is about your only option for body and trim parts.

Forget Buick dealers, there is probably no one there who even still remembers them!

15th Jul 2007, 20:18

I love my 1975 fuel injected Opel Ascona (1900) Wagon. The reason I bought it was because I was a mechanic at a Buick dealer in the late 70's. When I had the opportunity to pick up this rare car, I jumped on it. Yes, it has the typical high running temperature, and the rusting out battery box. However, after cleaning up the fuel system, and installing a rebuilt higher compression engine, this little car scoots! I'm not sure, but I think it's the only remaining running Ascona wagon in California. Anybody else got one?


20th Jan 2008, 17:23

Slightly confused here - you have a 30 year old car and you're wondering why a main dealer doesn't sell parts for them???

1986 Opel Ascona GT 1.8i from Sweden


Good but simple


New generator and battery.

Front seats starting to wear.

General Comments:

A very quick car especially with this 1,8 liter engine. It's pretty fun to drive, but the comfort is no good and gives you a bumpy ride.. not very good on the road when icy and cold. The seats are very hard and narrow, but although pretty comfortable to sit in, even for a long ride.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2004

1977 Opel Ascona S 1.9 from Sweden


A rusty racer!


Cylinder head cracked due to overheating at 200,000 km.

Except from that, nothing but brake-pads and wiper rubbers.

The body started rusting away after two years.

General Comments:

These are wonderful cars. Not so comfy, not such high quality, but it sure is fun. The heat is no good in these cars. Driving this in the Swedish winters is not too smart. But it's alright though. Really fun to drive. They have much rust-problems. That's frustrating.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

1987 Opel Ascona 2.0i from Czech Republic


Powerful, comfortable and economic


At 125.000 km wrong aquatic pump (leaked)

At 160.000 km rope of clutch was broken.

At age of 14 years heating of rare glass stops work.

From 120.000 km step by step I changed breaks (front and back disks, plates) exhoust (middle, back), back dumpers.

General Comments:

Excellent engine - very powerful, quiet and economical.

Very gog and economical gearbox - at 3000 rpm runs 140 km/h.

Low consumption of gas (on long distances consumption 6,5 liters - even in constant speed 140-150 km/h on highways and in mountains)

Very good space, comfort and variability of 5 door hatchback, which is not uselessly big.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003