1994 Opel Astra GL 1.7 diesel from France


I loved this car


The third gear would not shift down after 140000km.

General Comments:

The Opel Astra was reliable; besides a defective fork clutch, nothing went wrong.

The engine is not powerful, but it was able to climb mountains, even with five people and snow gear.

The car is comfortable enough for long trip, but it is not a smooth ride.

I had various friends who had the same car in turbo diesel, but usually the engine goes after 200000km.

In conclusion, the 1.7 OHC diesel is a reliable engine, and I would definitely recommended it.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2011

1994 Opel Astra I F from Sweden


Brilliant and reliable

General Comments:

Really pleased with the overall performance. Bought the car with an LPG installation, so long distance trips are incredibly cheap!

Have not had major dramas such as winter panic - it always starts, even at -20 degrees Celsius!

Wish it were bigger inside and the lighting brighter.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2010

1994 Opel Astra GLS 1.4i from Chile




Hazard lights button can't be turn off at 5000 kms (change by the dealer at no cost).

Glove box door don't stay open normally, it hangs down (my brother put in 3 liters of coke and broke it, but it still closes properly).

Hand brake "leather" started to peel.

Starter fail at 90.000kms (fixed by the dealer at no cost, I don't know why!) :)

Radiator hose started to leak, and I changed all the hoses as a precaution at 110.000kms.

All the oil drained by itself in my garage at 189.000kms.

2001 winter the rear defroster stopped working, the next winter it worked fine.

Suspension and brakes pads don´t last more than 40.000kms.

Front brake disc lasted almost 12 years!!!

Blaupunkt radio passed away at the 10th year.

Car is "possessed" since it turns in to the 100.000kms. When you press the clutch (to make a turn in a corner), the engine turns off, it's awful to lose the brakes and the steering in a corner, but it starts easily, so I have to be aware. And also (always happens minutes before it turns off when you press the clutch) it starts to pull heavily like it´s like a mad horse. It's like asking for the next gear. It happens between 2300 rpm and 3000 rpm, then it became normal when you change the gear.

General Comments:

It's a very.. read well.. very reliable car. My father bought it brand new in January 1994 and when I turn 18 (1998) was my birthday gift. And I've used and abused 11 years, and it's never let me down. I used it everyday, driving almost 80kms per day. Great mileage. And drove it with university friends over the Andes going to Argentina and in the Atacama desert with no problems. Not even one! It's very cheap to maintain, it's a heavy car, and don't wait for fast accelerations with a 1.4 engine, but on the highway it goes at 140kms/h with no problems and no shaking.

In 2004 I bought a Ford Ka 1.6; it's a fast car, but with a lot of electrical problems and the engine noise and the road noise are unbearable!! It's like having a motorcycle inside the cabin; when you pass 3000 rpm, it is just 100kms/hr!

On the other hand, the Opel Astra is all silence and quiet, and takes turns very good (the Ford Ka is always on the edge of end with the wheels in the air).

Despite the unknown problem, this is a very very good car. If someone knows how to fix that problem, I would appreciate the tip.

I won't change this car, I change the car every week (between the Astra and the Ka) and it's a good and cheap combination instead of changing girlfriend.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2009